G Suite FAQs

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps for Education, is a powerful communication and collaboration suite available to all students, faculty and staff. G Suite includes the following supported tools:

  • Gmail - provides our users with unlimited email storage, highly effective spam filtering and powerful search integrated with voice and video chat
  • Google Calendar - allows our users to easily coordinate class and meeting schedules online
  • Google Drive / Google Docs / Sheets / Slides - gives our users tools to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawings in real-time, as well as upload and share any file type; provides unlimited storage space, accessible from almost any device, anywhere, any time
  • Google Hangouts - lets our users send instant messages to contacts for free anytime anywhere in the world; provides cross-platform audio and videoconferencing tools, screen sharing, etc.
  • Google Sites - provides our users with tools to work together to keep related documents, personal web content and other information in one place on one site
  • Google Groups for Business - allows campus groups, organizations and other units to collaborate online via forums, access control, etc.

Because these tools are Powered by Google, our users know that they will be available anytime anywhere on both desktop and mobile platforms. The G Suite login also provides access to additional tools underneath the Google umbrella (e.g. Google+, Blogger, YouTube, etc.). See our Terms of Service page for more information.

Google guarantees that their system will be available at least 99.9 percent of the time, ensuring that our users will have access whenever they need it.

Your G Suite account ( is completely separate from any personal Google account you may already use. They will not be combined, and you will need to log in separately with each account's credentials to check email unless you set up forwarding or have one account check the other. Any private "" account will not change.

As of August 2016, G Suite users also have access to Inbox by Gmail. Please note that the (traditional) Gmail web and mobile interfaces will continue to be the preferred email clients at Heidelberg. Google remains committed to continuing support for Gmail. Google has provided a short video to highlight Inbox by Gmail. Key features of Inbox by Gmail include

  • Improved Inbox management
    • Mail is automatically bundled into categories like Promos, Social, Purchases, Trips, and Low Priority
    • Set a schedule for your bundles to display in your Inbox: immediately, once a day, or once a week
    • Pin important emails so they are easy to find
  • Take messages out of your inbox until a specified time or arrival at a specified place
  • Integrated Calendar reminders that can be tied to email messages
  • Orders contain up to date tracking information

If you choose to use Inbox by Gmail, please note that it does not yet support the following features that are supported by the (traditional) Gmail interface:

  • Advanced search options drop down menu. However, Inbox does support advanced search operators like From: or To: when typed in the search box
  • Ability to create filters
  • Labs and offline access
  • Configuring multiple accounts
  • Ability to tag a message or conversation with multiple labels

To learn more about Inbox, visit Inbox support information is available at  Note that it is possible to use both Inbox and (traditional) Gmail on the same account.

Google provides the G Suite User Guide to Accessibility with resources and information about using G Suite with assistive technologies.

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