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HYPE Career Ready®

Launched in August 2016, Heidelberg University's HYPE Career Ready Program provides students with co-curricular, experiential learning that complements its existing academic offerings.

Each year begins with a common experience for the classes, an excursion that focuses on one or more of the HYPE skills (values, work styles, job search skills, communication, collaboration and conflict management).

Students who will be seniors in Fall 2020 can now apply to be a HYPE First Year Common Experience Mentor! You'll go back to Hocking Hills with the new first year class. You can find more details in the application on Siggy Central. Seniors interested in serving as a Mentor for the Third Year Common Experience Blitz Build should email hype@heidelberg.edu.

Students will come together six times annually for a HYPE Day that starts with a high-impact speaker and offers sessions and field trips for hands-on learning in all of the HYPE skill areas. This program produces seamless in-class and out-of-class learning, preparing our students to lead lives of purpose with distinction.

Traditional first-year students are required to complete 48 HYPE units to graduate. Transfer students will complete a reduced number of sessions based on the number of credits transferred in. Students are encouraged to discuss their HYPE Academic Plan with their academic advisor.

Most students can access their HYPE 4-Year Advising Plan here. Information about reduced credits for transfers can be found on the second page of the Advising Plan, under Frequently Asked Questions

All students under the Heidelberg 2016-2017 Catalog can access their HYPE 4-Year Advising Plan here.

If you are a faculty or staff member interested in offering a session or have a creative idea about a session, you are encouraged to submit it for consideration via the HYPE Session Proposal Form. Once submitted, the sessions subcommittee will get in contact with you.

To apply for HYPE 300/400 Level credit, please complete the HYPE 300/400 Level Registration Form.

View the HYPE Career Ready Catalogs.

Questions about the HYPE Program? Contact Jacqueline Sironen, director of Student Engagement and HYPE, at 419-448-2207 or hype@heidelberg.edu.

Read more about the past HYPE speakers and experiences.

Common Experience

Students will start every year at Heidelberg with a HYPE Common Experience. The Common Experience dates for 2020 are Thursday, August 20 through Friday, August 21.

FYCE (First Year Common Experience)

  • As a first year, you’ll take a trip with your new classmates to get to know each other, make memories and kickoff your college years. First-year students will spend two days in Hocking Hills.

  • This is an excursion based common experience that emphasizes collaboration, conflict management and communication skills.

SYCE (Second Year Common Experience)

  • Begin to formulate your academic purpose and hone job search skills through a conference-style day with your classmates and an etiquette dinner in the evening.

TYCE (Third Year Common Experience)

  • Remember that you are part of a community - locally and globally. The junior class will blitz build two Habitat for Humanity houses that will eventually be placed in our community, with opportunities to support Habitat throughout the year via Heidelberg’s Habitat for Humanity chapter. 

HYPE LYFE (HYPE Last Year Farewell Experience)

  • The only experience not to take place in August, HYPE LYFE is a farewell experience that occurs during Senior Week in May. It is a live-action game of Life, where you compete against your peers to ace the interview, build a budget, and enhance social and networking skills by attending senior events.

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