Residence Life & Housing
Residence Life & Housing

Housing Selection

Lottery Requirements

Returning undergraduates will participate in housing selection in an online lottery system called Housing Self-Service (available in OASIS). To be entered into housing selection, students must meet the following requirements by the lottery priority deadline:

  • Enroll full time for fall semester (12 credit hours)

  • Clear all outstanding holds on student account

  • Complete the online housing application and contract (in Housing Self-Service)

    • The application allows you to select building preferences but are only used in the event a student does not select his/her own room.

    • The returning student application does not ask for roommate requests. Students do this shortly before the lottery starts. See Roommate Selection section below.

Roommate Selection

Roommate selection happens in Housing Self-Service. When choosing a roommate, keep in mind the following:

  • If you can't find your roommate in the roommate search, they are ineligible and must resolve their eligibility with the appropriate office.

  • The size of their group must exactly match the size of the room they want to view on the day of the lottery.

  • Back-up plans are highly recommended in case no spaces are available to match the size of the group.

  • The student in a roommate group with the earliest lottery time receives the first opportunity to choose for the group.

Choosing a Room

Each roommate applying for housing must be able to meet the qualifications for the building they are trying to view/select, which are as follows:

Hall Anticipated Credits By End of Spring Semester Description
Brown Hall First Year Housing Co-ed building, single-gender floors
France Hall Closed for Renovations Will re-open in 2019-20
King Hall All Classes Co-ed building, single-gender floors
Krieg Hall First Year Housing Co-ed building, split-gender floors
Miller Hall Upper Class Housing Co-ed building, single-gender suites
Senior Apartments

Senior and Junior Housing

56+ credits and 2.5 GPA cumulative

Single-gender apartments
Talmage Hall Theme Pod Housing and Upper Class Housing

Pod A - Honors, Gendered Floors

Pod B - Gender Neutral Pod

Pod C, D, E - Gendered Pods

Williard Hall

Junior and Senior Housing

56+ credits and 2.5 cumulative GPA

Co-ed building, single-gender apartments

How Lottery Times are Determined

For students participating in the lottery, lottery times are automatically generated. First, students will be grouped by the number of earned credit hours they currently hold. For example, students with 90 credit hours will get to choose housing before students with 89 credit hours. Then, within each credit hour grouping, students will be sorted by GPA. Using the same example, the group of students with 90 credit hours is sorted so that the student with the highest GPA will be permitted to select first within the group. Lottery times will be posted in Housing Self-Service in advance of housing selection.

Missed Priority Deadline

Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements by the priority deadline of Monday, April 16, 2018 will not obtain their priority time in the lottery. Once they become eligible, they should contact the Campus Life Office to be assigned a time at the end of each lottery.


Because there are a limited number of singles, students may be added to the waiting list by contacting once the lottery closes. Students should either pursue living with a roommate of their choice in a later lottery or participate in the Open Room Lottery on day four.


Buyouts are not possible using the Housing Self-Service portal, nor are they permitted by request until the Campus Life Office has finished making housing assignments. Full occupancy is required in all Themed Houses and Apartments, including both the Senior Apartments and Williard Hall.

Similarly, students cannot hold spaces for others who will not be living on campus during the semester (eg. study abroad), nor can spaces be held for students ineligible to participate in the lottery.

Honors and Gender Neutral Housing

Applications for Honors Pod and the Gender Neutral Pod can be found in BergSync.

Honors Pod

Students interested in living in the Honors Pod should apply using the Honors Pod Housing Application in BergSync. Applications are due by Friday, March 16th. Honors students may choose a non-honors student to be their roommate, however priority will be given to students signed up that are both in the Honors program.

Gender Neutral Pod

Our Gender Neutral Pod is in Talmage Hall. Students who choose to live in gender-neutral housing agree to share a bedroom, common space, and restroom facilities regardless of students' sex or gender. Gender-neutral housing is not intended for romantic couples. Rather, it provides options for a variety of students; those who feel uncomfortable rooming with members of the same sex or gender, transgender students in the process of discovering their gender identity, students who feel they would be more compatible with a roommate of a different sex or gender, and students who do not want sex or gender to be a primary factor in choosing a roommate. Gender-neutral housing intends to help create a campus climate that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive of all students.

Students interested in living in the Gender Neutral Pod can apply through the Gender Neutral Pod Housing Application in BergSync. 

Please visit the Campus Life Office or email with questions.

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