Student Accessibility Services
Student Accessibility Services

Applying for Accommodations

Applications may be submitted at any time; however, students are encouraged to submit requests for accommodation as soon as possible before the start of the fall semester.

In order to request academic accommodations, appropriate documentation must be provided:

  • Current documentation (current at the time of enrollment or when academic adjustments are implemented)
  • Diagnosis
  • A summary of the testing that identified the disability
  • A description of the functional limitations that this disability has upon the student’s academic work

In addition, Heidelberg University requires each student to submit with the appropriate documentation a written request and a release of information form.

  • Written request: A request for accommodation must be in writing, signed by the student and submitted to the Stoner Health Center. No particular form is required, but the request must be legible and signed by the student. The request must include the name of the diagnosed disability; the effect of the disability on the students ability to learn or participate in classes; the name of the student's treating or diagnostic physician; the accommodation requested; if the disability is permanent or temporary; and the time period for which the accommodation is requested.
  • Release of information: This form authorizes the Stoner Health Center to share copies of your assessment report with the Disabilities Identification Team (DI Team), which reviews documentation confidentially. The DI Team meets regularly during the academic year to review documentation. The DI Team is comprised of a committee of human services faculty and staff.

Once a request is received by the Academic & Career Success Center, it is forwarded to the DI Team. The DI Team will evaluate the nature of the disability and the accommodation requested by the student and may make a request for reasonable additional documentation and diagnosis at the student's expense. Failure of the student to provide requested additional documentation or diagnosis may be grounds for denial of the accommodation. The DI Team may also submit the request to an appropriate professional retained by Heidelberg University for evaluation. The DI team will make a decision as to whether the accommodation shall be granted, if an alternative accommodation shall be made, or if additional documentation or diagnosis is required. This response will be provided in writing to the student as soon as possible.

If your documentation does not meet the University's guidelines, additional information may be requested, If your documentation does meet the University's guidelines, you will be advised to schedule a meeting with the disabilities coordinator.

Contact Information

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