Tassel/charm issue being corrected for '21 grads

Attention, Class of ’21: Some of you are experiencing an issue with the tassel in your cap and gown package from Herff-Jones. Instead of a 2021 signet on your tassel, many of you have mistakenly received a 2020 signet.
Stacy Wheeler, director of Retail, Print & Parcel, has been in communication with our Herff-Jones representative to find a quick solution. The rep apologized for the error and is sending replacement 2021 signets for anyone impacted by this mistake. This will allow students to switch out the signet on their tassel if needed. The replacement signets are on their way and are due to be here sometime on Monday, April 26. Anyone who needs a replacement can trade in their "2020" for a "2021."
If you are on campus or living close by, please stop in the Bookstore any time after Monday, April 26, to pick up your "2021" during our regular store hours, 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.
If you live farther away or are not able to get to the store during those hours, please email your address to me at and I will mail your replacement to you.

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