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Over time, information and forms on Heidelberg’s websites become old and outdated. The owner of all forms and webpage content is responsible for requesting edits. Please review your forms and content frequently and work with the Marketing & Communication Services team to request necessary changes.
To request content edits or form updates, use the Marketing Work Request Form found on
Typically, edits can be made within 24-48 hours with proper notification.


Latest News & Announcements


The Retail, Print & Parcel staff will be working on inventory in the Bookstore July 2-15, 202

The Office of Student Engagement is currently seeking students to apply to be Welcome Week Leader

The current issue of Heidelbiz, the School of Business newsletter, was recently publishe

The Marketing Team wants to extend a giant thank-you to the many students, faculty and staff memb

Summer Internship Opportunity. Applications due May 6th.

Jeep (Stellantis) is accepting applications for internships in Toledo, Metro Detroit, and Kokomo,