Student Hiring Procedures for 2021-22

Here are the student hiring procedures for the 2021-22 school year. We ask that supervisors make sure that your student's payroll paperwork is complete BEFORE the student starts working and submitting timesheets. Kelli Brueggemeier, student payroll officer, has to delay paying students until she receives their paperwork. It would be very much appreciated if you help us with your students to make sure they complete them. Kelli collects all of the payroll paperwork in the Business Office. The Hiring Card goes to Beth Kagy in Financial Aid Office first.


1. The list of eligible work-study students is on Server Six in Work-Study Student Folder.

2. Contact Beth Kagy if you need access to the folder. (

3. The Supervisor Handbook is also in this folder. Review Hiring Process in the handbook.

4. All supervisors must fill out the Hiring Card with the student BEFORE the student begins working and submit it to Beth Kagy in Financial Aid. Have students sign the FERPA notice on the back of the card. Print the card from the work-study folder under payroll and supervisor forms.

5. New supervisors should contact Beth Kagy to assist with any questions regarding the procedures.

6. Maximum hours per week for international students is 15 hours per week. (institutional policy)

7. Highly skilled or stipend positions may be filled with non-work study students, but the supervisor must contact Beth Kagy to approve for hiring. Then, the student will appear on the approved non-work study list. Limit the hours to 5 hours per week when possible.

8. All new students must fill out payroll forms prior to being hired. Forms can be obtained from the Business Office.

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