Incompletes for Fall 2019

If you are planning to give any of your students an incomplete, due to no personal fault of the student, in a course for the Fall 2019 semester, in order to make the process go smoothly, please work on getting the forms filled out now WITH the signatures of the student, Dean and Provost. You can turn the completed form into the Registrar's Office early. Thank you for your help!

Reminder--Final grades for those graduating in December are due by 10 a.m. on Friday, December 20. All other grades are due by 10 a.m. on Friday, January 3, 2020.

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As the semester comes to a close, here is a list of Heidelberg students who will be studying off campus or having an experience abroad during the spring semester. Please wish them well! Fall Semester 2019 & Spring Semester 2020 Mason Ludwig (Heidelberg, Germany; AJY) Spring Semester 2020 Ashlee Beaver (Bangkok, Thailand; ISA) Shaadia Flint (Glasgow, Scotland; Univ. of Glasgow) If you have questions about study abroad or if you know anyone else who will be having an experience abroad, please contact Julie Arnold at
Fall 2019 Final Grades notice for Students.
The Saurwein Health & Wellness Center hours during Finals and Break

The 25% off holiday sale begins at the Heidelberg Bookstore on Wednesday, Dec.

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All sale books are half-price through December.