Appeal of Academic Suspension or Dismissal

This form is to be completed no less than 10 days prior to the start of the term immediately following the enacted suspension or dismissal.

The Appeal of Academic Suspension or Dismissal form is to be completed only when a student has been suspended or dismissed and is appealing the suspension or dismissal. An appeal will be considered only when mitigating circumstances apply and the student wishes to forego the requirement of the suspension sit-out period.

Students who completed a suspension or dismissal period should complete the Reinstatement from Suspension or Dismissal form and reapply to the University.


Appeal of Academic Suspension or Dismissal
Semester Suspension Enacted
Semester Petitioning to Return
Explain in 500 words, or less, the mitigating circumstance to warrant an appeal. In situations where documented evidence is available, please submit copies to the Provost. Include your name, student ID, and a notation the documents are accompanying an appeal of suspension or dismissal.
Plan for Academic Improvement

Provide in out-line format, your Plan for Academic Improvement. Guidelines are available in the current Undergraduate Catalog within the Progression Requirements policy.

Upon Form Submission
Once the form is submitted, the Academic Policies Committee will be notified of the appeal. The committee chair, or Provost, will notify you as soon as a decision is rendered. For any student who is granted an appeal, the academic standing upon return will be Probationary standing. Please be certain to read the Progression Requirements policies in the University Catalog.