Honors Program
Honors Program

Honors Portfolio

During their four year in the program, students will compile a portfolio of their best work. Students can look back at their progress and use the portfolio to showcase their best work to employers. 

  • Impromptu Essay I (First Year)
  • Photocopy of Four-Year Plan
  • Scholar Written Assignment
  • Scientist Written Assignment
  • Artist Written Assignment
  • Citizen Written Assignment
  • Impromptu Essay II (Junior)
  • 5 Selected Entries from your Service-Learning Journal
  • Senior Honors Written Project w/ Title Page and Signatures
  • Senior Reflective Essay [staircase]
  • Special Choice I (optional)
  • Special Choice II (optional)
  • Special Choice III (optional)
  • Special Choice IV (optional)

Your Special Choices do not have to be from your Honors seminars. If you have essays or projects that you have done in other classes, you may include these.

Contact Information

Emily Isaacson
Director of the Honors Program

Pfleiderer Hall 306


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