Where HU Takes U: Alex Singleton

Once a part of the Heidelberg family, always a part of the Heidelberg family – but after graduation, our Student Princes are now the hard-working and ever-learning leaders of a new community. In our new web series, we’re checking in with our recent grads about their Heidelberg journeys, and asking them Where HU Takes U.

Alex Singleton

Alex Singleton grew up in Canton, Michigan and began his journey with Heidelberg in 2016. He completed his degree a semester early, and graduated in December of 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a focus on finance and economics. 

What is your current position and when did you begin?

My current role is Senior Operations Analyst at Goldman Sachs. I started my career there in July of 2021.

What has been surprising about your new position or the process of earning it thus far?

I was surprised by how important the soft skills and connection-making abilities I gained in my extracurriculars became. Most of the time I am working on something, I have to be able to work with and around lots of different people. I realized that one of the biggest skills I gained was leading and organizing people, something I only picked up due to the Greek life that Heidelberg offered.

What knowledge or skills do you rely on most in your day to day life?

Most important to me is task management and delegating duties among myself and my team.

What experiences or individuals were particularly impactful during your time at Heidelberg and in what ways?

One of the biggest influences on me early in Heidelberg was my good friend, Tyler Harp, someone who helped me find and grow my circle of friends. I also have to thank my fraternity advisors Ashley Helmstetter and Nate Beres, who were crucial to helping me build my professional voice. 

What advice do you have for current undergrads trying to find their next step?

Allow yourselves to find experiences: take risks, do the things that scare you. Now is the time for you to find and build your voice. If you can do that, you will be strong enough with yourself that wherever life takes you, no matter how scary it may seem at the time, it will all seem to work in the end.

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