'Keep fighting:' 'Berg football sends encouragement

When Kobee Hooker, a sophomore defensive lineman on the Student Prince football team, heard about Connor Sons’ medical situation, he knew he wanted to do something.

Connor is a junior at Cory-Rawson High School in Hancock County. He’s a football kicker and soccer player: an all-around athlete and hard-working kid. Recently, Connor was diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary gland. Two surgeries were required to remove the majority of the tumor, and Connor is presently undergoing radiation to remove the final portion. Recently, Connor’s aunt, Lindsey Berger, had used her photography business Facebook page to ask for moral support for Connor as he faced a treatment that sidelined him for his senior year.

“So I had known about Connor’s condition for some time before the post that his aunt made,” Kobee shared. “I saw a lot of support coming from my old high school, Hardin Northern – but when I saw Conner's aunt’s post, I was immediately hit with pain and grief for him and his family.”

So Kobee decided to act. Athletes from all around the state were sending Connor videos and visiting to show their support: Kobee knew that Heidelberg University and the Student Prince football team needed to extend their support with a video as well.

“Our message to Connor was to keep fighting and never give up. When faced with adversity, especially on this scale, you need to know there are people that have your back,” Coach Scott Donaldson said of the project. “That's why we sent that message and would help in any way we can.”

Kobee took the lead of the project. “I relate to them more than they know and I understand that pain. It can seem like you’re alone and the only one who cares so, I wanted to be a light that they could see in darkness. I shot a text to all the guys and they were grateful enough to give me some of their time.”

It’s a joy and a privilege to be among the many voices sharing encouragement and support for Connor on his journey to recovery. As his family and Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus take care of him, the Student Prince football team is thrilled to uplift a great kid and shine a light on someone who deserves peace, healing and love.

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