It's Black History Month at the 'Berg!

Black History Month begins today. On Heidelberg’s campus, the observances and celebrations of this month are highlighting cultural expression, participation and making information more accessible. 

“What we’re doing differently this time,” Aaron Nelson, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, shared, “is providing more information and trying to help every participant really retain all that information. Our big theme is meeting people where they’re at!” 

We hope that all will be able to attend and learn something new at the many events planned for this month!


February 7 – World Read Aloud Day

5 PM in Beeghly Library

Read your favorite international author’s poem, writings or your own work. Celebrate Black History Month and the power of reading the written word.


February 13 – Couch Talk

5 PM in Gundlach Theatre

A panel of students will provide their perspective on a variety of current issues affecting the Black community, including discussions of the ending of Affirmative Action and the pros and cons of reparations. Audience participation and questions are encouraged as we dissect these issues together.


February 15 – The Color Purple (1985) viewing

6 PM in the University Commons

Based on Alice Walker’s 1982 bestseller, The Color Purple, a story of bigotry, abuse and the love that triumphs above all the rest. Students will discuss the ways in which domestic violence is normalized by familial structures and culture through the analysis of this beloved classic.


February 19 through 22 – Shades of Blackness

All Week, throughout campus

An intersectional display of historic and contemporary influential Black figures from across the diaspora. Informational posters will be scattered throughout campus so everyone can learn more.


February 22 - Justice Jog

5 PM Starting at the University Commons

The climax of Heidelberg’s Black History Month observance, the Justice Jog is an experience that recognizes victims of injustice. This year, along with victims of police brutality, the Justice Jog will feature victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Education and community connection and care are crucial to ensuring the safety and fair treatment of our friends, neighbors and loved ones. Experience the Justice Jog to learn more!


February 28 – Boyz n the Hood (1991) viewing

7 PM in Herbster Chapel

The 1991 film Boyz n the Hood is a powerful and realistic look at racism and violence. Although the film discusses the issues of the ’90s, this Black History Month we’re revisiting the movie’s still-relevant themes and issues, bringing it into 2024. 


Anything caught your eye? Be sure to check the inside calendar and the TV tiles for more information about when and where you can participate in Black History Month!

Latest News & Announcements


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