Erica Moyer is taking Heidelberg to High School!

Erica Moyer, instructor of Biology with a specialization in exercise science, grew up in Tiffin, Ohio. She earned her Bachelor of Science and Master’s in Education from Bowling Green University, and taught previously at Tiffin University before beginning work here at Heidelberg.

At this point in her teaching career, Erica is familiar with working with high school students and integrating them into college-level curriculum. She’s taught College Credit Plus (CCP) classes before on and off campus. This semester, she’s teaching ESS 116: Health and Wellness to the students at Columbian High School here in Tiffin. This course fulfills the students’ physical health class requirement, while also earning them college credit.

“I feel like I’m a good fit for CCP classes because high schoolers can be pretty timid, and I’m not at all,” Erica laughed. “It’s my personal goal to get them to come out of their shells, so they’re less intimidated when they actually become college students after high school.”

Getting high schoolers to learn about health and wellness may bring readers back to their own horrifying days of P.E. and Health Class. Sweating and scare-tactics, however, aren’t part of the ESS 116 curriculum.

“Everyone is still trying to figure out growing up, in addition to learning,” Erica explained. “They need more life-skill application than many of the college students I teach.” Erica prioritizes teaching students in ESS 116 about the health systems that they may already be encountering, and enabling them to be independent when they consider their health choices.

For students interested in taking CCP classes through Heidelberg, they can expect the same great instruction that all Heidelberg students receive. Our courses are marked by caring professors who offer practical considerations about real problems. Students will be challenged, but supported as they tackle subjects at a higher level. “This is a college course,” Erica added, “ I don’t change my standards just because I go to them, and I make sure they know that and have the support needed to rise to the occasion.”

College Credit Plus is a great opportunity to earn free college credit while still in grades 7-12. Heidelberg provides high-quality coursework and the benefit of a college experience through courses hosted primarily on Heidelberg’s campus. A variety of courses are available for CCP students, with some of our most popular being College Writing II, Public Speaking and Engagement, Literary Genres, General Psychology, Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology I, and Introduction to Education. After earning their first 15 credits, students have more opportunities to take increasingly advanced classes. If you or a student you know are interested in a free “college-try,” be sure to connect with your school counselor for more information!

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