Women's History Month: Celebrations and Events

Heidelberg is wrapping up Women’s History Month strongly. All month, posters that share the stories of prominent, intersectional women have been displayed throughout campus. On Tuesday, the Office of Student Affairs hosted a Women’s History Month trivia night. Wednesday evening, Heidelberg’s It’s On Us chapter will host the annual Take Back the Night march with so much to learn.

Take Back the Night

The Take Back the Night event will begin with presenters from the Center of Survivor Empowerment, the Title IX Office, Stoner Health and Counseling Center and Heidelberg Safety and Security. These presenters will speak on safety and campus resources. 

The event’s student organizer, Crimson Stuckert, shared the importance of these presentations, “While Take Back the Night in the past has focused on women's safety, it doesn't matter your gender, race, sex, etc. We are hoping to support anyone who is fearful of walking at night. Our main goal is to educate individuals on resources available on campus while promoting a sense of security within our community.”

Crimson is a student leader on campus. She serves as a resident assistant and a student ambassador for the It’s On Us Chapter on campus. Global awareness events like Take Back the Night are important for big organizations like It’s On Us, and small communities like Heidelberg’s. 

“Issues like those addressed with Take Back the Night impact everyone no matter where we are. Our involvement with such problems shows that we are ready to speak up for ourselves, our peers, and even strangers,” Crimson said. 

Bringing these global events to campus serves a dual purpose. “Promoting such events can also influence those in our community and other institutions to get engaged with global issues! Take Back the Night is a global awareness event that allows institutions to connect and make change, one event at a time.”

Intersectional signs around campus

Aaron Nelson, director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, created a series of posters featuring distinguished individuals with intersectional identities. These posters have been up around campus, showcasing some highly accomplished women – Aaron’s favorite of which is Halle Berry, who has been very open about her hearing loss throughout her career. 

Other members of the Student Affairs team are just as excited for the posters and their information – including director of Student Engagement Jacqueline Sironen. “Of all the posters Aaron created, I get a smile every time I see the Lori Lightfoot one,” Jacqueline shared, “She's such a kick-ass lady to be running that town. She's female, Black, openly gay, and so incredibly talented that she rose to the top.”

Trivia Night

On Tuesday, Student Affairs hosted a Women’s History Month trivia event in Wickham Great Hall. With four rounds of trivia, students tested their knowledge and were pushed to learn more. “I hope that students left empowered and more informed of the contributions of these monumental women,” Aaron said. This quick, fun event was packed with fact-nuggets that will stick with the students as they move forward.


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