Pie in the Eye

pie in the eye event

The Euglossian Society hosted the Pie in the Eye event on Friday, with help from all of Greek Life. Attendees got to choose whether to donate their money to St. Jude’s Research Hospital, or Court Appointed Special Advocates of Tiffin. The Dean of Student Affairs had some fun participating.

They earned at least over $160 in donations for Tiffin CASA, and for St. Jude’s Research Hospital. They credit the success of the event with thanks to Dr. Theixos, Chris Abrams (pictured above), Paul Stark, Dawn Henry, Sarah Gebhardt and all of our student volunteers: McKenna Byrne, Haley Cruikshank, Gillian Duer, Tristan Goerk , Noah Kennard, Hayley Kumel, Genesis Lucas, Kayla Mullinax, Sam (Ziggy) Rickard, Jasmine Ridler, Lydia Rodriguez, Amanda Scarbeary, Em Swain, Joe Swope.

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