Advice to welcome new grads into alumni family, their futures

Some 15,000 Heidelberg alumni have experienced what the Class of ’24 is about to embark upon this morning – walking across the stage to receive their diplomas and into the world of being a member of the ‘Berg alumni family.

Whether they graduated a few years ago or a few decades ago, our alumni are among the many who are sharing advice, experience and words of wisdom for Heidelberg’s newest alumni throughout Commencement Weekend.

Here is a selection of those gems – messages that were shared with the grads-to-be during Commencement rehearsal on Friday:

Take all the risks. Apply for that job you don't think you qualify for, move to a new city, explore a new hobby! Not enough people talk about the confusing freedom of entering the “real world” Not having any more assignments to complete or tests to study for is the greatest feeling but it can also feel empty, wondering what to do with that extra time in life. So, my biggest suggestion is to take risks in finding new hobbies, making new friends by joining a club full of people you don't know, spending more quality time with family, and trusting that things will fall into place. -- Amanda Overy ’21, MBA ’22

Maximize the Moment!!
Explore Galore!
Use your Berg Tools to the Max!!
Outreach to Reach ... your goals &  action plans!
Be You!! -- Pete Emmons ‘71

Be gentle with yourself. It is completely okay and normal not to have it all together yet (or ever).
Take time to celebrate this accomplishment and reflect on all of the obstacles, barriers and challenges you have overcome in order to be in this moment -- Gaby Poliseno ’17

It is up to all of you to make a difference in this world. -- Ken Rock '63

The one piece of advice I would give to new graduates is to think of success less in terms of achievements and more in terms of relationships. -- Steve Miller ’69

Cultivate your Heidelberg and high school friendships after graduation. Family is important, but your truest friendships will sustain you throughout life. The best jobs of my life have been the ones where a friend said, "You know you should apply for this.” -- Scott Cooper ’92

I was also wondering when I would see my friends again?  I was missing them already.  But today there are so many ways to keep in touch with technology. If it’s a priority, you’ll make it happen. It will all work out … one day at a time, one step at a time. Trust God to guide you and He will, no matter what, good or bad. Congrats, Leanndra!  Love you!  Love Aunt Becky -- Becky Smallwood ’91

Trust yourselves, celebrate successes and learn from trials. Be the best person you can be, stand up for those who can't and remember. you are part of an amazing family called Heidelberg! Congratulations and welcome to the family. -- Cindy Bowser ’83


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