Internship Chronicles, Chapter 33: Cassidy Beringer

One summer day, a Student Prince decided to go on a little adventure. “It won’t be long before I have a career,” the Prince said, “so I’d better start preparing now.” So with some ’Berg education under their hat, and some connections in their back pocket, the Student Prince began forging their way through an internship.

We continue our web series, Internship Chronicles.

Chapter 33: Small County, Big Impact

Cassidy Beringer is a criminology major with a psychology minor from South Bend, Indiana. She is dedicated to making a positive difference in the criminal justice system through being a victim advocate. Her mission is to be a safe place for victims, and provide them a voice when they feel silenced. This summer, she interned with Court Appointed Special Advocates for children (CASA) in Tiffin, Ohio.

How did you find your internship, or how did the internship find you?

I reached out to Carole Thomas and told her what I was interested in doing for an internship. She recommended CASA to me. I had known someone that recently interned with CASA so I asked them about their experience with it as well as doing some research of my own. It seemed like a really good place to be a part of, so I knew I had to apply.

What did you expect from your internship initially?

I didn’t have many expectations as everyone’s experience is different depending on your schedule.   

What really happens in your day-to-day work?

You are really at the whim of the cases, so that impacts what happens each day. Most days you will be in the office helping the employees with anything they need. You also have the chance to go to court anytime during your internship hours if there is a hearing happening. There were also plenty of times I got to sit and talk with volunteers about their time with CASA and cases they’ve worked on.  

What connections have you made?

I had the ability to build relationships with all of the wonderful women that worked in the office. It is such a welcoming environment and they are always happy to help and teach. 

What is the most valuable thing you’ll bring back to the classroom after this experience?

Advocates are extremely under appreciated. These are superheroes in everyday clothing working endlessly to help children all on a volunteer basis.  

If your internship was a book or a chapter in a book, what should it be titled?

“Small county, Big Impact”

For more information about CASA, check out their website.

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