Faculty Pursuits: Week of Sept. 16, 2019

On Sept. 16, Dr. Meagan McBride and Ronee Rice (graduate counseling) traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for an Early Childhood Symposium with Dr. Bruce Perry, author of The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog. Dr. Perry’s research is the neurological underpinnings of the renowned ACEs work that is pivotal in mental health, education, psychology, prevention and many other disciplines understanding of trauma impacts.

Through their work at the symposium Meagan and Ronee will be able to not only inform their own work on campus and with students but will host a training for community members and providers. While on the trip, they also connected with faculty from the University of New Mexico and are building a collaborative relationship to connect MAC students to indigenous populations. 

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Keep the Castle Connected provides students a way to remain connected during quarantine. Student will have daily opportunities to connect with a Stoner Health and Counseling Center staff as well as other students. Students will be able to meet via Zoom and be presented with a brief Mindfulness activity and then engaged in a light hearted discussion/conversation. These sessions are not therapy sessions and are meant to allow students to remain connected to others on campus. Students will need to email counseling@heidelberg.edu