Where HU Takes U: Celia DeTray

Once a part of the Heidelberg family, always a part of the Heidelberg family – but after graduation, our Student Princes are now the hard-working and ever-learning leaders of a new community. In our new web series, we’re checking in with our recent grads about their Heidelberg journeys, and asking them Where HU Takes U.

Celia DeTray

Celia DeTray grew up in Oak Harbor, Ohio. She graduated from Heidelberg in 2023 with a degree in Music education with an emphasis on voice.

What is your current position and when did you begin?

Grades 5-12 Vocal Director at Lakota Local Schools. I was officially hired in April of 2023 but the first day of school is August 29th!

What has been surprising about your new position or the process of earning it thus far?

The willingness of every individual at Lakota Schools (Elementary though High School) has made the process of transitioning into my first year of teaching extremely comforting. Everyone wants to see you succeed and they will make sure to help where they can so that is possible. 

What knowledge or skills do you rely on most in your day to day life?

Most of the skills I rely on are not truly teaching skills but rather human interaction skills. How to talk to people, how to make everyone feel included, how to differentiate your tone/actions to make each individual feel comfortable and welcomed. These were many skills learned throughout my time at Heidelberg, especially being a part of numerous, different organizations. 

What experiences or individuals were particularly impactful during your time at Heidelberg and in what ways?

My Student Teaching experiences were some of the most impactful things I did at Heidelberg. These experiences really solidified my passion for the teaching profession! Other impactful experiences on campus were the organizations I was a part of on campus (Delta Sigma Chi, Sigma Tau Nu, Berg Events Council, Musical Ensembles, Residences Life, and many more!). These groups were extremely impactful in diversifying my outlook on everything in life. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunities given to me while at Heidelberg! There were many Professors who impacted my time at Heidelberg, but one Professor in particular who continues to impact my life is Dr. Ramsdell. Everytime I had a question (which was all the time), he was willing to listen and help where he could, no matter what was going on at the time. The dedication, time, and resources he provides for each individual student goes above and beyond anything and everything. I will be forever grateful to have met the individuals I did at Heidelberg and to be given some truly unique opportunities at a pivotal point in my life. 


What advice do you have for current undergrads trying to find their next step?

Try as many new things as you can or feel comfortable doing! I originally started my time at Heidelberg as a Psychology major adamant to not join Greek Life or clubs that were not necessary for me to graduate. Within the first day of classes my freshman year I joined music ensembles that I never truly tried before and wrote my name down on as many sign up sheets as possible during the Organization Showcase. After stepping out of my comfort zones little by little each day, I became well rounded in Musical Ensembles and differing clubs/organizations throughout campus. You never know what could have been if you never tried to begin!

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