Let your creativity shine: Podcasting capabilities on campus

The world of podcasting has made its arrival to Heidelberg this year, and all students are more than welcome to come bring their own ideas to life!  On Friday, September 29, at 2 p.m. in the GEM Center, Aaron Nelson, director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, will be hosting an informational session about Heidelberg’s podcasting equipment and the opportunities available for students.

Creativity and production are close to Aaron’s heart. While he was a student here between 2006 and 2010, he had his own radio and TV show that was featured around campus. “Moment of Clarity,” inspired by the song by Jay-Z, was an interview show in which Aaron interviewed “campus celebrities” with questions sourced from students around campus. Aaron would schedule with his interviewee, then walk around Heidelberg’s campus, asking classmates and friends what they would ask the individual if given the chance. Those responses would be the first questions asked to whoever was being interviewed. The final minutes of Aaron’s show would be rapid-fire questions of a this-or-that format, followed by the interviewee’s “moment of clarity,” where they shared whatever they wanted to promote. When the interviewee was a student-athlete, it could be a call to support the team at a game by wearing a certain color; club leaders could invite campus to an event they’d been planning; professors could share an upcoming class offering or remind viewers to prepare for midterms. 

“I wanted people on the show,” Aaron said, “and they wanted to be on the show, to get their word out, and share their moment of clarity.”

Now back on campus his role as the director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Aaron wants to encourage the same creativity and sharing that he enjoyed as a student through radio and TV.  He began by asking himself, “How can everyone’s passions, emotions, hobbies, interests shine through? How do I take those feelings and get them included?” And now, Aaron is at the forefront of offering this new opportunity to share creatively and begin conversations. 

He’s offering the first information session about podcasting on campus. “When you do podcasts, and listen to podcasts, you’re sharing your perspectives and hearing other perspectives – and that all builds relationships.”

The GEM Center’s new equipment will be utilized by Heidelberg students interested in making a podcast. A green screen, monitors and editing software are waiting to be used to make the next great things. Aaron will be leading the introduction to this equipment, offering guidance on how to use it and how to be respectful of what we offer.

“Our calendar has slots open for around 50 podcasts,” Aaron explained. His goal is to educate as many students as are interested, and get their creativity on the docket. 

“If we have enough interest, we may cut it off and offer a second information session next week, so we get as many kids in there as we can.”


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