Heidelberg professor trains future managers in fun, creative ways

Heidelberg’s School of Business is always finding creative ways to teach students the importance of good communication in management. Associate Professor of Management Dr. Trish Berg is always on the lookout for ways to engage students with exercises that they can apply in their future work, and she found one she’s been utilizing for years.

In her Principles of Management course, the Blindfolded Scavenger Hunt is a staple. Students are divided into teams and tasked with finding objects hidden on the Campus Center front lawn – but with a catch: one of their team members (the one who must grab the object) is blindfolded.

“I run the activity in several rounds,” Trish explained. In Round 1, “The team can lead their blindfolded classmate only by speaking to them. They can say anything they want to say, but can’t touch them.”

In Round 2, no speaking is allowed. Instead, the blindfolded students’ teammates must touch them only on the left or right shoulder to help lead them. Round 3 is similar, with no talking allowed, but the team can hold the blindfolded student’s hand to lead them.

While this activity is undoubtedly fun, it’s nothing if it can’t be applied. “We discuss all three rounds, and what was easiest and why,” Trish explained. “I connect these experiences to topics such as positive communication, the value of words in communication, communication mediums, servant leadership, trust, vulnerability, and having a growth mindset.”

At the end of the day, Trish’s students walk away with more trust in their peers, their professor, and in their own budding leadership skills.


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