Where HU Takes U: Mackenzie Dever

Once a part of the Heidelberg family, always a part of the Heidelberg family – but after graduation, our Student Princes are now the hard-working and ever-learning leaders of a new community. In our new web series, we’re checking in with our recent grads about their Heidelberg journeys, and asking them Where HU Takes U.

Mackenzie Dever

Mackenzie Dever grew up in Amherst, Ohio. She graduated in 2022 with a degree in Health Science and Athletic Coaching.

What is your current position and when did you begin?

I’m the Human Resources and Social Services Assistant, began May 2022 

What has been surprising about your new position or the process of earning it thus far?

When I was at Heidelberg I got the chance to do my internship at Fairhaven Community and they offered me a position right after graduation. This experience has been very rewarding and I am still continuing my education to become a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.  

What knowledge or skills do you rely on most in your day to day life?

I rely on my people skills and communication skills. This industry is all about working with others, like a team to have everything run smoothly.  

What experiences or individuals were particularly impactful during your time at Heidelberg and in what ways?

Heidelberg allowed me the opportunity to get into this role, especially getting to do my internship and starting my journey in this setting. Certain classes at Heidelberg helped me become a better person and helped me focus on my professionalism. Beth Koop especially helped me get this internship and allowed me to see my potential in this career!  

What advice do you have for current undergrads trying to find their next step?

Some advice I have is to never give up on what you want to do, bettering yourself and pursuing your education. It’s all about the tools you have to help you get to where you want to be.

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