Introducing a New Admission Pathway: The Student Prince Promise

Since its inception, the Owen Center for Teaching and Learning has helped Heidelberg students tackle tough assignments, prepare for challenging exams, and learn difficult material. In light of the support that the Owen Center provides, Heidelberg’s Office of Admission has begun making Heidelberg education more available to students with academic promise who do not meet one or more of the initial admission requirements – in a new pathway called the Student Prince Promise.

The Student Prince Promise allows students whose high school GPA falls between 2.5 and 2.7, but who have the drive to work hard that’s at the heart of all Heidelberg students, to be admitted to Heidelberg University.

Students who are admitted through the Student Prince Promise program will receive specialized Owen Center support in their first academic year and may be eligible for even more financial assistance if they do well academically. 

“Historically, Heidelberg University has reviewed applications holistically,” explained Sara Rowlinson, Senior Director of Admission. “We want to give students with academic promise the opportunity to be successful at Heidelberg with the support services and resources we have designed for them.” 

When a student applies to Heidelberg and doesn’t meet one of the university’s admission criteria, an advocate can vouch for them to the Admission Committee, and they will be asked to submit some supplemental materials that better demonstrate their abilities and potential. Key to that process will be an admission interview (in person, or virtual) with Morgan Harrigan, the Director of Academic Support at the Owen Center. After these requirements are met, the student’s application will be reviewed again.

That conditional admission means more than just a chance: Student Prince Promise students will receive a great deal of support throughout their first year at Heidelberg. 

“The Student Prince Promise Program provides targeted and holistic support for students to help them navigate college successfully. This proactive support program is designed to help students build confidence, utilize resources, transition to the academic demands of college-level work, and establish their sense of belonging at Heidelberg University.” Morgan said, "I wholeheartedly believe all students can and will be successful at Heidelberg if they are willing to utilize the provided resources which are embedded into the Student Prince Promise Program.”

Students will complete a special college prep course before they move in August. They’ll have special incentives to work hard, including a $5,000 scholarship, which can be increased to $10,000 if they achieve a GPA of 3.0 or higher by the end of their first year. Once the school year begins, they will attend weekly academic coaching appointments and must take and pass a course titled The Learning Process in an Academic Environment, so they’re doubly prepared for the rest of their college career.

“Individualized support has always been one of the key reasons why our students choose Heidelberg,” President Rob Huntington said. “The Student Prince Promise is an extension of the promise every Student Prince receives when they are accepted to Heidelberg: We’re here to support you, and we want to provide you every opportunity to succeed.”


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