Heidelberg holds firm on tuition – no increase for 4th straight year

At a time when costs are skyrocketing all around us, Heidelberg University is again holding firm with no increase in undergraduate tuition for incoming students in the fall of 2024.

On Nov. 15, Heidelberg’s Board of Trustees voted again for no increase in tuition for the 2024-25 academic year.  Tuition will remain at $32,900 per year.  This will be the fifth consecutive year of the Heidelberg Tuition Guarantee for all students and the fourth consecutive year with no increase in tuition for all students.

In combination with Heidelberg’s strong financial aid strategy, every student accepted to Heidelberg receives significant financial support, thus reducing the “sticker price” of the amount they actually pay for tuition.

Heidelberg’s Tuition Guarantee locks in the cost of tuition for students over their four years of study.  “With our Tuition Guarantee, families can feel confident in knowing that a Heidelberg education will remain affordable, accessible and an excellent value throughout their student’s college career,” said Sara Rowlinson, Senior Director of Admission.

Heidelberg is committed to helping families ease the financial burden as they consider their investment in higher education. The Tuition Guarantee allows them to plan ahead.

“With costs increasing in our current economy, we understand that many families have to prioritize their spending and investments,” Sara said.  “We want to make the investment in a college education at Heidelberg as accessible as possible.”

“At Heidelberg, we offer great value to our students in simple terms with no surprises. Our students have access to quality professors who work hard for them as well as opportunities to engage in the classroom and in multiple organizations during their time on campus,” she added.

Although the base tuition rate will remain unchanged, students will pay an additional 4- 5 percent for food and housing.  Additionally, Heidelberg has restructured the method by which the technology fee – previously a flat fee of $728 annually – is assessed.  Beginning in the fall of 2024, undergrad students will pay a technology fee of $25 per credit hour, per semester.  For the typical student, this calculates to an average of $750 per academic year.

Heidelberg remains committed to a straightforward and high-impact approach to keeping tuition affordable while simultaneously focusing on student success.  In addition to the Tuition Guarantee, the University offers Test-Optional Admission for incoming students as well as a Four-Year Graduation Guarantee for all continuing students.  To further ease the pathway to admission, Heidelberg also offers the Open Transfer program for qualifying students who have earned Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees.  Earlier this year, it was announced that the PlusOneAdvantage® MBA Program will transition to a fully online program to provide further convenience for students.

“We are steadfast in our commitment to deliver exceptional opportunities for all of our students – current and future – at a cost that makes Heidelberg an excellent educational value for them and their families,” said President Rob Huntington.  “It’s all about accessibility, affordability, opportunity, and student success.  If you take a deep dive into the numbers, it becomes clear that Heidelberg University continues to be an excellent educational value going forward.”

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