Appreciation: Students express their thanks to professors

As we approach the holiday season, kids and kids-at-heart are making their wish lists. But for our students, Heidelberg’s lineup of supportive faculty are all anyone could ask for! 

This year, the Owen Center for Teaching and Learning again ran it Thank-a-Prof program. The Center received 65 total responses from students, thanking 38 different full-time and adjunct faculty members. These personalized messages of gratitude detailed stories of professors refusing to give up on students, and encouraging them not to give up on themselves, for support inside and beyond the classroom, and for simply “keeping classes interesting!”

While some students chose to be anonymous, we have some of the stories and thank-you’s from our students to Heidelberg’s excellent faculty.

Associate Professor of Accounting Doug Woods, MAcc and CPA

“Thank you for having such entertaining stories during class! I am never sure what life advice or accounting skills I am going to end up learning in your class, and that really makes the content more enjoyable!” – Amelia Harness-Koehnle

Assistant Professor of Media Dr. Jiachun Hong

 “Thank you for being such a welcoming and helpful professor. It has been an absolute pleasure to be in two of your classes this semester!” – Josh Ferdon

Professor of Chemistry Dr. Nate Beres

“Dr. Beres is a professor that you can go to when you need anything. Whether you’re struggling in his class, another class, problems outside of school, anything. He is very understanding and is cheering you on.” – Gracie Koelsch

Assistant Professor of Psychology Neil Sass

“Dr. Sass's Counseling and Clinical Methods class is an amazing opportunity for students to see whether or not being a therapist is something they would really like to do. I love how he organized this class, and how he gives the students both positive and constructive criticism, so we are able to benefit from our previous instances in the box. Not only do I want to thank him for all the effort he puts into that class and into his students, but I want to thank him for everything he has done for me these last four years. He is one of the kindest and silliest professors I have had here at Heidelberg. Every time he walks into the room he says, "good morning young scholars" and it is such a simple, but encouraging thing. On the last class before the weekends he always tells us to not get into too much trouble and not get arrested, and it is just another thing that is so simple, but brings the students so much light and laughter. He has so many stories from his life, and I could just sit there and listen to them for hours. I am sad to see him leave (retire) because I wish everyone could experience what I have with him these last four years. He is so much more than just a regular professor, and I am so thankful I got the chance to know him. He has touched so many lives in his time, and he is so humble. I don't think he realizes how much he means to so many people. I just want to thank him for everything he's done for me these last four years and know that I am so glad I got to know him.” – Madeline Moore

Assistant Professor of Criminology Dr. Sarah Lazzari

“Sarah goes above and beyond to help her students. She is always busy, yet still takes time to check in with students and make them feel comfortable. I was intimidated to take BSC, but she has made it a great experience and I am confident going forward with research. I want to thank Sarah for being so generous and creating a safe space for students.” – Madison Wise

“Dr. Lazzari is the best professor I have ever had. She not only is an amazing educator, she is very personable and is always asking how you are personally and checking in. She always comes to class with a smile on her face and knows everyone by name. She is amazing!” – Jacqueline Beach

Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Noel Mano

“Even though it is his first year, he has done an excellent job explaining difficult material in a way that was very easily understood by his students. The structure and organization of the course was not typical of a first-year professor. Dr. Mano has done an excellent job this semester! His students are very grateful for all the hard work he has put in!” – Tyler Fedele

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences Dr. Justin Pruneski

“Dr. Pruneski is involved and interested with the things his students do. I really appreciate him coming to see Measure for Measure over the weekend, and I want to let him know that I appreciate the expectations he has for his students, and I love the way he teaches his classes.”  – Emma Rettig

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