Petition for Grade Appeal

For Students

This form is used when petitioning a posted grade for a specific course. A petition cannot be completed until the official grade date which can be located on the Academic Calendar. The course grade policy is located in the Academic Catalog. The Grade Appeal policy is located in the Student Handbook.

Student Information
Course Information
Please complete Option A or Option B, not both.
Clearly and succinctly state the reason for requesting the faculty member to review the assigned course grade; other than grades of WF.
Clearly and succinctly state the reason to have a grade of WF (withdraw fail) be regarded as a grade of W. The reason must be when an extenuating circumstance has occurred beyond the student’s control. Lack of awareness of the final drop date is not considered an extenuating circumstance. Documentation may be requested; health related circumstances will be verified with the Stoner Health Center. The course faculty member will be consulted in the review process by the Provost.