Preferred First/Middle Name Change Request Form

The full policy is located on Inside Heidelberg, by clicking here

What documentation do I need? 

The Preferred First/Middle Name Change requests do not require any specific documentation. Simply complete this electronic Preferred Name Change Request form. If you have any questions please contact the appropriate office listed below.

Our intention is always to respect an individual's preferred name(s), however systems have flaws and may not always be reflected as intended. If you notice any concerns, questions, or a wrong name listed in our systems for you after the process has been completed, please contact us immediately.

Legal name changes will go through a different process and must supply legal documentation. For more information on changing your legal name, please contact one of the offices below.

Phone: 419-448-2090 
Location: University Hall Room C115 
Dept Email: 
Faculty and Staff
Human Resources 
Phone: 419-448-2180 
Location: University Hall 210 
Dept Email:

Where will my preferred name appear? 

Please be advised that a Preferred Name change, dependent upon student, faculty or staff status, may appear in the following displays (list not comprehensive): 

  • Online directory 
  • Class rosters 
  • Faculty Advisee Lists 
  • Library Records 
  • Major/Minor Lists 
  • Learning Management System 
  • Residence Life Staff Rosters 
  • Student ID card 
  • My Heidelberg portal

A Preferred Name change will NOT appear in all systems, for example it will not appear in the following areas (list not comprehensive):  
Registrar’s Office Records (i.e. permanent student file records) 

  • Transcripts 
  • Stoner Health Center 
  • Financial Aid and Billing Records 
  • Paychecks and Pay stubs 
  • Academic Certifications (of enrollment, good standing, degree completion) 

How will I be notified that my request has been received? 

The office receiving your request will contact you, via your Heidelberg email, soon regarding the process, once the change has been made, and to answer additional questions you may have.