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The Rock Creek Review is an undergraduate literary criticism journal edited, produced and published by students at Heidelberg University in partnership with the English Department. This journal will solicit literary research from schools around the world for an annual publication every Spring.

Call for Papers

The Rock Creek Review - The Supernatural & The Fantastical

Rock Creek Review Cover - The Supernatural & The Fantastical

Undergraduate students are invited to submit an essay for the fourth issue of The Rock Creek Review. This year’s journal invites essays critiquing and analyzing supernatural elements in texts. The supernatural and fantastical morph into many forms in literature. The Rock Creek Review invites all essays addressing such elements.

All submissions must:

  • Be in English
  • MLA Style
  • Less than 5,000 words
  • In Google Doc or Word format
  • Submissions close December 10th at midnight eastern

*We will take submissions outside of the theme, but priority is given to those fitting.

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Questions? Email: rockcreek@heidelberg.edu

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Questions about The Rock Creek Review? Please contact Barry Devine, assistant professor of English, at bdevine@heidelberg.edu.

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