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Jeannine Curns Distinguished Service Award

Jeannine Curns faithfully served the Business Office of Heidelberg University for 48 years, rising from a cashier at the age of 18 to the vice president for Administration.
Rob Huntington and Linda Mapus

During her four decades of service, she was recognized for her humility, joyful spirit, work ethic, fairness and unwavering commitment to the employees of the college.

For her faithful and exemplary service to Heidelberg University, and particularly for her steadfast dedication to the support and improvement of the lives of administrative and support staff, the Jeannine Curns Distinguished Service Awards are created in her honor.

Through these awards, her life and her work at Heidelberg University are honored with the hope that they serve as an inspiration for all who follow in her footsteps.

Administrative Staff

The Distinguished Service Award for Administrative Staff recognizes an individual for outstanding service demonstrated by: 

  • Professional competence and effectiveness
  • Efforts to maintain/improve professional skills
  • Exceptional demonstrated initiative
  • Genuine concern for the welfare of the University community

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Support Staff

The Distinguished Service Award for Support Staff recognizes an individual for outstanding service demonstrated by:

  • Competency and effectiveness in the position
  • Exceptional initiative
  • Attitude while executing duties
  • Demonstrated dedication to the office and Heidelberg University
  • Notable contributions to improved customer service delivery

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Previous Winners

Year Administrative Staff Support Staff
2019 Angie Giles Lauren Austin Smith
2018 Vicki Ohl Karen Pruitt
2017 Beth Kagy Terry Magers
2016 Tobey Robison George Welter
2015 Will Marshall Linda Mapus
2014 Juli Weininger Kelly Depinet
2013 Nancy Miller Linda Barger
2012 Cindy Hay  Ronda Winkler
2011 Karen Miller Nancy King
2010 Ellen Ewing Katie Wise
2009 Morgan Hawley Pat Page
2008 Kathy Venema Peggy George
2007 Kurt Huenemann Jenny Shetterly
2006 Barb Gabel Leslie Plouck

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