HYPE Career Ready & Placement
HYPE Career Ready & Placement
Launched in August 2016, Heidelberg University's HYPE Career Ready Program provides students with co-curricular, experiential learning that complements its existing academic offerings.

Each year begins with a HYPE Common Experience for the classes, a special event that focuses on one or more of the HYPE skills (communication, collaboration, conflict management, diverse values, work styles and job search skills). 

Six HYPE Days are held on campus each year (3 each semester). A HYPE Day starts with a high-impact speaker and offers sessions and field trips for hands-on learning in all of the HYPE skill areas. This program produces seamless in-class and out-of-class learning, preparing our students to lead lives of purpose with distinction.

To complete the HYPE Career Ready Program, traditional first-year students must complete the following before graduation: 

Students can access their HYPE 4-Year Advising Plan here. Information about reduced credits for transfers can be found on the second page of the Advising Plan, under Frequently Asked Questions. Students are encouraged to discuss their HYPE Academic Plan with their academic advisor.

If you have any questions about the HYPE Program or have a creative idea for a HYPE session, please contact us at hype@heidelberg.edu.

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Our Team

Ashley Helmstetter
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Engagement & HYPE Career Ready® and Placement
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Ashley Poppe-Helmstetter
Elizabeth Koop
Executive Director of HYPE Career Ready® and Placement
Campus Center
Beth Koop
Carole Thomas
Career Services Specialist
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