HYPE Career Ready & Placement
HYPE Career Ready & Placement

HYPE 300- and 400-Level Experiences

The HYPE 300/400 Level Experiences are independent experiences that students participate in on their own to showcase their use of the HYPE Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Conflict Management, Diverse Values, Work Styles, Job Search Skills) and that show leadership and initiative, preferably in a field that relates to the student's field of study or intended career goals. 

HYPE 300-Level Experiences are more participatory and focused on showcasing the HYPE Skills, while HYPE 400-Level Experiences are focused more on career and require a demonstration of leadership and/or impactful immersion.  You can choose from the activities listed on the HYPE 300/400 Level Pre-Approved Experiences List or propose an alternate experience by emailing hype@heidelberg.edu.

Students request HYPE credit for these experiences by submitting a HYPE 300/400 Level Registration Form, explaining what they learned during the experience and how these experiences will prepare them for their career. Once the experience is completed, the HYPE Career Ready Office will verify and request evaluation from the student’s faculty supervisor or a direct supervisor from their experience before credit will be awarded.

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