Master of Arts in Counseling
Academic Program
Master of Arts in Counseling
Master of Arts in Counseling

Mission Statement

The Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program is dedicated to educating, motivating and preparing highly qualified, ethically and culturally competent, professional counselors. The MAC program is committed to providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to address client issues in a diverse and global society leading to a life of purpose with distinction.

Program Objectives

  • Provide students with the knowledge and skills to successfully obtain licensure and employment as professional counselors. 
  • Prepare students to use the highest ethical and legal standards in professional counseling practice. 
  • Provide students with the curriculum to address the knowledge and skills identified in the CACREP eight core areas, as well as those identified for specific areas, e.g., school counseling and clinical mental health counseling. 
  • Emphasize diversity issues that will prepare students to be effective counselors in a global society. 
  • Prepare students to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of self-selected specialized areas of counseling, such as clinical mental health counseling and/or school counseling. 
  • Provide students with up to date and evolving curriculum to effectively address emerging and vital issues such as trauma, crisis, emergency preparedness, technology, neurocounseling, addictions, etc.

General Graduate Forms

  • Change of Program or Concentration: Use this form to add or drop the school counseling endorsement.
  • Employer Reimbursement Contract: Use this form to document your Employer Reimbursement for Tuition.
  • Graduate Independent Course Contract: Use this form to initiate an Independent Study. Please work with the instructor of the independent study to complete this form.
  • Graduate Registration Change Form: (Late Add, Over Hours, Drop All or Last/Only Course) This form is used only for graduate students for the following purposes - 1) to request to complete more than 12 hours in one full semester, 2) to add a course after the last day to add (per approval of the program director and dean); and, 3) to drop a course beyond the last day to drop.

General graduate registration can be completed online at OASIS.

  • When you are ready to graduate, you can request your transcript through OASIS (pay online) or use the Transcript Request form.

Contact Information

Krista Kantner
Administrative Assistant


Interim Department Chairperson:
Meagan McBride


Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Our Team

Robin Dufresne
Professor of Graduate Counseling
Bareis Hall 218
Robin DuFresne
Krista Kantner
Administrative Assistant to Behavioral Sciences & Graduate Counseling
Aigler Alumni Building 2288
(419) 448-2288
krista Kanter
DoHee Kim-Appel
Professor of Graduate Counseling
Bareis Hall 216
(419) 448-2366
Meagan McBride
Director|Assistant Professor of Graduate Counseling
Bareis Hall 217
(419) 448-2889
Megan McBride
Suzanne Reinhart
Adjunct Instructor in the Master of Arts in Counseling Program
Aigler Alumni Building
(419) 448-2288