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Master of Arts in Counseling

Field Experiences

Deadlines for Practicum and Internship

Students must petition for practicum and internship each semester and for each site. To be considered for placement, petitions and all supporting documentation must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office by the deadlines listed below:

  • Fall - June 1
  • Spring - November 1
  • Summer - March 1

Field Placement Handbook

The purpose of the field experience is to allow counseling students to apply basic knowledge, skills, and professional values to actual practice settings specific to the emphasis of their program of study. Practicum and internship students ground their work in theory and discuss their work accordingly. The on-site field experience provides an opportunity to integrate theory and practice.

The field experience is a reciprocal arrangement: counseling students exchange their work in return for on-the-job training and experience in the field. The end result ultimately is the promotion of professional development, integration of skills, theoretical knowledge, and the reinforcement of competence. The program is designed to reinforce in the counseling student a sense of professional identity. The field placement setting; the interaction of staff, clients, and students; the realities and responsibilities of the helping process; and the conscious application of ethical principles combine to promote the personal knowledge and commitment to enter the field of counseling.

All students in the Master of Arts in Counseling Program are required to complete a 100 hour Practicum (3 Sem. hrs.). In addition, all students complete at least two terms of Internship for a total of 600 hours (3 Sem. hrs. of Internship I and 3 Sem. hrs. of Internship II). The program is designed to allow students the flexibility to complete internships I and II in as few as two terms or as many as four terms by enrolling in 1 to 3 semester hours per term.

Upon recommendation for Practicum by their academic advisor, students meet with the Clinical Director to begin planning and preparing to secure an appropriate field placement site. Once a site has been arranged, the student submits a Petition for Practicum form along with supporting documentation to the Graduate Studies Administrative Assistant to be processed for review and approval by the Clinical Director.

Background Check

Locations that will accept vouchers from Heidelberg for BCI check (internship students only). Please see Krista Kantner for a voucher.

CASA of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Co (BCI&FBI)
Must take a voucher for BCI only
21 Court Street
Tiffin OH 44883
(419) 448-1442 

North Central Ohio ESC (BCI & FBI)
No voucher needed, must fill out waiver & billing information form. These may be picked up prior to apt.
928 W Market Street, Suite A
Tiffin OH 44883
(419) 447-2927

Elmwood at the Showhan, LTD (BCI & FBI)
Must take a voucher for BCI only
54 South Washington Street
Tiffin OH 44883
(419) 447-6885   

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