CC326 Faculty Recording Studio

Heidelberg University is delighted to unveil the CC326 Recording Studio, a cutting-edge addition to a professor's toolkit. Now open for use, this new studio is equipped with the same tools found in traditional classrooms, but it elevates the educational experience by delivering superior video and audio quality beyond what standard personal equipment can provide.



The recording studio provides the following hardware: Lenovo workstation with Dual Monitors, Yealink Conference Room Camera and Microphone, HoverCam Solo 8, Kaptivo Whiteboard Room System, Optional Studio Lighting

This room is now available for use on the top floor of Campus Center (previously the ResLife offices) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for faculty and staff with the help of Campus Security allowing access after normal business hours. 

To book the use of this room, you will need to create a new calendar entry from your calendar then completing the following steps:

  1. Create a subject (would be as simple as Online Class Recording or even your name and the class number you are recording for)
  2. Ensure your date and time is set correctly 
  3. In the “Add rooms or locations” section, click ROOMS and search for “Recording” and you’ll see an option for CC-326 Faculty Recording Studio
  4. Check the box for that room 
  5. Save your calendar entry

If you are interested in 1-on-1 training sessions on the use of the room and how you would like to interact with it and the software Heidelberg offers (such as the Kaptivo device, using Panopto for your recordings, etc), Anthony Kniss from CNIT is available for scheduled appointments using the following link -



Video Guide - Part 1 (From Users perspective as if they were walking into the room) -

Video Guide - Part 2 (From Panopto/PC perspective)-

Contact Information

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