The Office of the Registrar is the definitive source for information about college curricula, degree requirements, class schedules, course registration, transfer credit evaluation and academic standing and history.

Located in University Hall, the office provides services for current students and faculty, as well as alumni of the University.

The Office of the Registrar supports the University’s mission to provide a liberal arts education that “promotes and nurtures intellectual, personal and professional development, leading to a life of purpose with distinction."

The University Registrar's staff will serve the University's constituents in a consistent, accessible and friendly manner. Our specific goals include:

  • providing secure and confidential evaluation and storage of academic records for use and archival purposes
  • efficiently administering the University’s registration, grade collection and distribution, plus certification processes
  • providing quick, accurate and personalized action on requests for transcripts, advising, research and other appropriate requests for information
  • leading the development and implementation of academic and related policies and processes that meet the needs of the campus community, in a timely, fair and equitable manner
  • executing fair, clear and consistent interpretation and application of University policies and their appeals procedures to help students negotiate the degree completion process
  • improving the personal and professional interpersonal skills and technical competencies of the office staff, and modeling the Statement of Professional Ethics and Practice of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Several academic policies are included on the University's Web pages; however, factual questions and interpretation of policy are most effectively answered in person. If you have questions about course offerings, major requirements, academic calendar dates or other issues related to academics, please feel free to stop by and talk with us.

We will do our best to help you find the answers to your questions. If you'd rather not wait to stop into the office, drop us an email at, and we'll reply as quickly as possible.

Grade Calculations

Once the final grades are posted, the process to calculate one’s GPA in the system is approximately three days. Students whose GPAs are not correct should look for the final GPA after the third day. Processing takes this long to ensure that all grades have been entered and then are processed to the student’s interim academic record.

Reports are then ran to ensure the grades have posted properly, but most time consuming is the review of repeat courses based on the repeat course policy. Once all grades are reviewed and revised based on course repeat rules, the grades are processed into a student’s historical academic record.

Past the last date to add a class

Undergraduate Programs:

A student who wishes to add a course late will need to complete a late course add agreement available on the documents section of this website.

Graduate Programs:

A student who wishes to add a course late will need permission and will complete a drop/add from available on the  documents section of this website. The director must approve any late course additions.

Plan to take a course at another school or study abroad

A student who wishes to take a course at another college or university after their initial enrollment at Heidelberg should complete a transient student permission form available on the website. This process ensures the course(s) will transfer to the student’s academic record. At different course levels, and types of study, several administrators may become involved. Additionally, this process provides a mechanism to complete all documents and obtain appropriate permissions. 

Special note: some courses may not count in the Heidelberg GPA. Only articulated study abroad courses count in the Heidelberg GPA; see the director for International Affairs and Studies.

Change of Name

Students wanting to change their legal name must supply legal documentation. Ideally, the office will view, and copy the original marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court issued papers. Understandably, not all students are residential and therefore follow the below:

  1. Photo copy the marriage certificate, divorce decree with the legal name statement and authorized signatures, or court issued paperwork. Accompanying the photocopy must be a copy of the correct name listed on a drivers license or U.S. Social Security card/Visa. The documents may need to be authenticated by an official.
  2. All of the above may be faxed to the Office of the Registrar at 419-448-2122. All materials are subject to a request of original documents for authenticity.  

Contact Information

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