Within the login to OASIS, there is a link available to learn one's OASIS ID. Once the ID is known, there is a link to learn the PIN. To have the PIN reset, a security question must be answered. If the PIN answer is unknown, or if a question was not set up, an email from the email may be sent to requesting an OASIS PIN reset. When no email account is available, a state ID must be faxed to the Office of the Registrar at 419-448-2122 with the request to reset the PIN. All resets will revert to the student's birthdate (mmddyy) but must be immediately changed upon the prompt.

When a course carries a wait list, students must add a the course to the wait list by using the add/drop link. The course CRN must be used. The course will appear within the courses registered with the wait listed course stating wait listed. When a seat opens, an email is generated to the number one wait list slot asking the student to confirm or drop the course within 24 hours. The add/drop link is to be accessed, and the drop down on the wait listed course must be changed to add. Or, if the course is no longer desired, drop the course. If no action is taken within 24 hours, the system will automatically move to the next wait list slot, The wait listed course will be removed from the student's schedule. Students carrying an account hold will not be permitted to adjust their registration.

Courses with lecture and required lab sections, education teaching blocks and other courses requiring co-requisites must be registered at the same time. This can occur one way. First, using the look up classes link, determine the CRN for all courses that are to be taken concurrently. Then, use the add/drop link to add each CRN at the same time, and click register/submit.

When a course no longer has seats or is labeled as "C" for closed, students may ask a fcaulty member for a full course override. Once a closed course override is entered into the student's account, the student must register for the course. The add/drop registration link must be used in this instance. The course number CRN must be entered and submitted. At that time, the student's account will match to the full course override.

When an override of any kind is entered on a student's behalf, all override scenarios must be entered. A student should tell the faculty member all reasons why they cannot enter the course (e.g. unmet prerequisite, stipulated GPA, unmet grade level, etc.). First, read the error screen to determine if a different override is needed. Second, determine when the last day to add a course expired. If the add date has expired, a manual registration is required in the Office of the Registrar.

Once the course is registered, in the add/drop link, the credit hour will be hyperlinked. Click the credit hour which will open a new view. Within the text box, where the credit hour is listed, type in the correct hour and save. Refresh the add/drop link to validate the change.

Students having a hold on their account may view the hold within OASIS student records in order to rectify the hold. When the hold cannot be rectified before the course is to be dropped, students must complete e registration card within the Office of the Registrar.

The OASIS system is programmed to not allow the last class to be dropped. This action requires intervention. If you are withdrawing from the University, complete the online withdrawal form in OASIS/Registration. Once the withdrawal is processed through Student Affairs, the Registrar's Office will be notified. Summer registrations, and not officially withdrawing from the University, should use the appropriate registration form available in the forms section of the website.

Curriculum changes (major, minor, catalog year) are submitted to the Owen Academic Career and Support Center. An evaluation of the change will occur, and when necessary, additional changes may be requested. The information will then be sent to the Office of the Registrar for an official change. The OASIS record will be updated shortly after the information is received (typically 48-72 hours), and the DegreeWorks audit will update the following day once OASIS is updated.

DegreeWorks is live information but is reconsiled with the student record once daily around 5:30 a.m.

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