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Safety & Security

Parking Regulations

Vehicle Registration 

All Heidelberg University students must register their vehicle annually within the first five (5) days of their first class or five (5) days following the acquisition of a new vehicle. The annual fee for students to register a vehicle is $100.00 for residential students (living in campus housing) and $50.00 for commuter students. Failure to register a vehicle will result in a $75.00 fine for each ticket issued. Faculty and staff must register all vehicles driven to campus within the first five (5) days of their date of hire or five (5) days following acquisition of a new vehicle. Vehicle registration is completed by logging on to OASIS and clicking on the personal information tab. When you have completed your vehicle registration your parking hanger can be acquired at the Business Office. Please have your University issued I.D. with you for verification. The issued parking hanger must be hung on the inside rearview mirror so the numbers are visible from the outside of the vehicle. Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be provided.  

Temporary Parking Permit for Visitors

Visitors are not charged for temporary visitor permits. A temporary visitor permit can be obtained from the Office of Campus Safety & Security in the Campus Center, Office 209 or by email The temporary visitor permit must be displayed on the dashboard of the visitor’s vehicle. 

  • Visitors to the Admission Office are welcome to use Parking Lot A. A temporary parking permit will be provided to you by the Admissions Office. 
  • Visitors conducting business with offices in University Hall or Founders Hall are welcome to use the 15 minute parking spaces in Parking Lot A. Visitors using Parking Lot A for longer than 15 minutes must obtain a temporary parking permit from campus security. 
  • Visitors to the Athletic Department between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm on Monday-Friday are welcome to use Parking Lots F and G. A temporary parking permit will be provided to you by the Athletic Department or you can contact the Office of Campus Safety & Security. 
  • Visitors for Athletic Events in Seiberling Gymnasium or Hoernemann Stadium should use Parking Lots F and G or the Lots at Peaceful Valley for Baseball and Softball or Hidden Valley for Soccer. NO parking permit is required for Athletic Events. 
  • Overnight visitors must park in Lot G and obtain a temporary parking permit from Campus Security. 
  • All other visitors must use Parking Lots F and G and obtain a temporary parking permit from Campus Security.

Restricted Parking Areas – No Overnight Parking

Several parking spaces on campus are restricted for specific use. Parking spaces marked ‘Handicapped’ ‘Service Vehicle’ or ‘University Vehicle’ are restricted at all times. The following lots are restricted for the use noted. Restrictions apply from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday. 

Overnight parking in these lots is not permitted. Campus Security will ticket any vehicle parked in these lots after 2:00am 

Lot A - University Hall lot – President, Provost, Admissions visitors and guests of Heidelberg University

Lot B - Founders lot – Faculty and staff

Lot D - Berg Bistro 1850 guest dining only

Lot E - Area next to the education building directly behind France Residence Hall – Faculty/Staff

Lot F - Gillmor lot – Faculty, staff, commuters and visitors

Lot J - Aigler lot – Faculty, staff and commuters

Lot K - Brenneman lot – Faculty and staff

Berg Bistro 1850

Community guests dining at the Berg Bistro 1850 and Parkhurst business partners and vendors are welcome to park in Lot D. Faculty, staff, and students are not permitted to park in Lot D at any time, even when dining in the Bistro.

24-Hour Parking

Vehicles registered to residential students may park in these lots 24/7.

Lot C - Lot on north side of tennis courts next to railroad tracks

Lot E - Lot behind Brown Hall and France Hall

Lot G - Large lot beside Rock Creek on Rebecca Street

Lot H - King Hall East lot

Lot I - Krieg Hall lot

Lot L - Lot between the Senior Apartments and the Stadium View Town Houses

Ticket Fines

Any vehicle that is operated without due regard for safety within the campus area will be ticketed.

  • Failing to register vehicle - $75.00 

  • Parking in a handicapped space – $50.00 

  • Parking in The HeidelBean customer space – $100.00 

  • Parking in a fire lane - $50.00 

  • Parking in a Faculty, Staff, or Commuter space - $35.00 

  • Failing to display parking registration tag - $25.00 

  • Parking or driving on grassed area or sidewalk - $25.00 

  • Overnight parking violation - $25.00 

  • Failing to park in a marked stall - $25.00 

  • Parking in a restricted area - $25.00 

  • Parking in or blocking a driveway - $25.00 

  • Parking in the National Machinery Lots - $25.00

Billing Process

An email will be sent explaining the reason for the ticket, the fine and the appeal process. Parking fines will be billed to the student or employee account. Fines are to be paid in the business office.  

Appealing Your Ticket

If you receive a ticket you have five (5) class days to appeal the ticket. If the ticket is not waived or appealed, the fine will be billed to your student or employee account. If you wish to appeal the parking ticket you may schedule a day and time to meet with the Director of Campus Safety & Security by emailing him at

The responsibility of finding a designated parking space rests with the vehicle owner/operator. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violating parking regulations. Other unacceptable reasons for appealing a ticket include but are not limited to:

  • I only parked illegally for a few minutes 

  • I was late for a class or event 

  • I did not know the parking regulations 

  • I parked there before and did not receive a ticket 

  • Bad weather, train, etc.

Parking in the Community

Heidelberg University will work with its neighbors to address issues that arise from inappropriate parking in the surrounding neighborhoods. It is inappropriate to park across a private resident’s driveway, to park longer than 48 hours on public streets, or in the National Machinery parking lots (which are east of France Hall and Willard Hall). Violators are subject to potential tickets and or fines, and towing (at the owner/operator’s expense) by the Tiffin City Police Department.


The Office of Campus Safety & Security will contact the Tiffin City Police Department to have vehicles towed at the vehicle owner/operator’s expense for the following reasons: 

  • emergency situations 
  • blocking other vehicles 
  • creating a safety hazard 
  • abandoned/disabled vehicles 
  • any other situation determined necessary 

The owner/operator of the vehicle will be responsible for all towing expenses and/or ticket fines. Any damages incurred as a result of the vehicle being towed will be the responsibility of the owner/operator. On campus parking privileges will be suspended until all ticket fines and registration fees are paid.

Special Needs Parking

Special needs parking will be coordinated and managed by the Office of Campus Safety & Security and should be requested by contacting the Director of Campus Safety & Security in Campus Center 209 or 419-448-2048. Reserved spaces are not guaranteed and will be approved based on need and availability.

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