Owen Center for Teaching & Learning
Owen Center for Teaching & Learning

Implementing Accommodations

Once you have documented your disability with the Stoner Health & Counseling Center, you will need to meet with the disability coordinator at the beginning of each semester to identify the academic accommodations you will need and to discuss how the accommodations will be implemented.

Accommodations are not implemented automatically after the first semester because you will change, and you will respond to your courses differently as your courses change. Therefore, your needs, your ongoing academic growth and the requirements of particular courses determine academic adjustments.

Notifying the Instructor

If your disability will affect your classroom performance, we recommend that you speak directly with your professor You have the best knowledge of your disability and how it affects your classroom performance. Such a meeting will begin a dialogue on how you and your professor can work together to meet your learning needs and academic requirements throughout the semester. While academic adjustments, tutoring and support classes can meet specific needs, your interactions with your instructors will be the most helpful in meeting the requirements of the courses. You will also be responsible for delivering your academic accommodation letters to your professors personally each semester.

Special Test Taking Environment

Some disabilities require that you take your exams under special conditions, such as in a distraction-free environment or with extended testing time. Special conditions may be implemented under your professor’s supervision or with the assistance of the disability coordinator. It is your responsibility to make arrangements with both your professor and the disability coordinator to arrange to complete your exam in the Testing Center on the third floor of the Campus Center (located in the Owen Academic & Career Support Center).

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