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All first-time, first-year students and transfer students with less than 24 credits transferred begin with a professional advisor, and transition to a faculty advisor in their program for more specialized guidance once they officially declare their major.

Official major declaration will occur once the student is established within the Heidelberg community, is confident in their choice of program, and holds a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA no later than the end of their third semester. Students in competitive majors will work more closely with faculty in those departments to better understand the requirements.

Academic Advising is a collaborative partnership between student and advisor. To help define our goals and expectations, the Owen Center created the Advising Syllabus for student reference. This document outlines first-time student academic advising at Heidelberg, the responsibilities of advisor and advisee, and important information for the current academic year.

Major Academic Plans, or MAPs, outline a suggested course sequence for completing each major in 8 semesters. These MAPs are guides to help students make informed decisions about course registration, are not an exact semester by semester imperative. Most programs have a level of flexibility and a student’s exact registration will be reflective of numerous factors, including Transfer/CCP/AP credit brought in, successful completion of coursework, and course availability. Students entering Heidelberg in an even year (i.e., Fall 2016 or Spring 2017) should use the Even year MAPs. Students starting in an odd year (i.e., Fall 2017, Spring 2018) should reference the Odd MAPs.

There are numerous processes involved in academic advising. To ensure that students’ process questions can be addressed around the clock, we have created many how-to and informational guides for reference. If you still have questions after reading the appropriate guide, please see your academic advisor!

To provide feedback to undergraduate students regarding individual course performance, faculty issue appraisals during each semester.

Early course appraisals (at week four) are conducted for students in their first two semesters at Heidelberg and all students on academic warning or probation. Four-week appraisals are behavioral based and students are evaluated only on the following: lack of attendance, not turning in assignments, lack of interest.

Two mid-semester course appraisals are conducted at 8- and 12-weeks for all students. Eight-week appraisals include behavioral markers as well as grade estimates. Twelve-week appraisals only provide grade estimates.

Students can find their appraisal results in OASIS, should take the appraisals seriously and discuss concerns with their course instructors, advising specialist, and faculty advisors.

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