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Marketing & Communication Services

Our brand is what people think and feel about Heidelberg. It is both the way we look and the way we sound. It’s how we express who we are and what we represent. Our brand is our audience’s perception of what we do, what we stand for, and what makes us relevant. When the elements of our brand identity align, we connect with our audience in a meaningful and authentic way.

Visual Brand Guide 

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It is important that campus as a whole project a consistent and cohesive image that conveys the Heidelberg story to our various audiences.   

University Logo

The University Logo

A logo is the defining feature of any visual brand and what people most closely relate to when they think of an organization. Consistent and correct usage of our University logo and brand mark is the key to reinforcing this message and making our visual brand strong and unmistakable.

The Heidelberg University logo is composed of our brand name “Heidelberg University” and our brand mark “H” in a specific configuration. Each element is designed to work with the other and should not be altered under any circumstance. Use this two-color version of the University logo whenever possible. When using the logos, be sure to use the logo as provided. Do not change the colors or spacing, as careful adjustments have been made to make sure each logo is correct for the intended background. When placing the logo on a white or light color background, use the two-color logo version. On a darker background, the white version will work best.


    Black Logo

The Brand Mark

More popularly referred to as the Heidelberg H, our brand mark is based on earlier renderings of historic stylized H. The brand mark should be used only for internal campus publications and should never be presented as a single element to represent the University. 

Note: Do not crop the University logo to use the brand mark. The brand mark should never be used on the same page as the University logo or with graphics or symbols that compete with the it.

  Black H


Department Logos

Additional logos, including department, programs and offices align with the University logo. Events and programs have more flexibility in their identities, but should work well with the University logo. Digital files are available from the Office of Marketing & Communication Services. For a copy of your department logo, please submit a work request with your department name.

Examples of Incorrect Logos

Below is a collection of outdated or unapproved logos. If you are currently using these logos, please update your files with newer versions.

Old logo1 Retired May 2016
Old logo 2 Retired July 2015
Very old logo Very old. Please stop. 

How to Obtain Logos

Versions of the approved logos (with exception of the seal) may be downloaded from this website or found in the Heidelberg Logos folder on server six.

For other logo requests or questions on usage, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communication Services. The Office of Marketing & Communication Services can also assist you in producing attractive and effective publications. Please contact us when planning a communication, and we will be happy to work with you to meet your communication objectives, budget and timeline.


The Official University Colors

Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of the Heidelberg University visual identity. Using the primary color palette appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our print materials reflect our visual brand. Historically, our official colors have been red, orange and black. In recent years, we used red as our lead color on promotional materials. A careful decision was made to use orange as our lead color to reflect our rich history and focus on the color our alumni and current students most closely identify with.

Primary Colors

The official University colors are red (PMS 200), orange (PMS 166 C), and black (Pantone Black 7 C). The logo is to appear in only orange (PMS 166 C) and black (Pantone Black 7 C), or as one color in black. Use the two-color version whenever possible. PMS 200 (red) should never be used in our official logo, but it may still be used as an accent color to add visual interest to a design. PMS 200 (red) should never be used as the lead color in any print materials.


PMS 200 C

CMYK: 16, 100, 87, 7

RGB: 194, 32, 50

Hex#: C22032



PMS 166 C

CMYK: 0, 68, 100, 5

RGB: 228, 84, 36

Hex#: E45424



Pantone Black 7 C

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 92

RGB: 20, 20, 20v

Hex#: 141414



The use of consistent typography is an effective means of reinforcing a cohesive look in all Heidelberg University materials. Leitura News and Amsi Pro are the official typefaces of Heidelberg University communications.


  • If Leitura News is not available to you, substitute it with Garamond or Times New Roman.
  • If Amsi Pro is not available to you, substitute it with Calibri.

LeituraAmsi Pro


Campus Stationery

Stationery is the most common use of the University visual identity. Stationery includes letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and notecards. To ensure consistency across all forms of stationery, the following pages show examples of approved letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. The examples on the following pages should serve as a guide only. Do not attempt to create your own stationery from these examples.


The Heidelberg University letterhead is an extension of the visual brand. For this reason, no other graphics may be added to the document. All campus departments must use the official, unaltered University letterhead. The recommended font for text on letterhead is Leitura News (Roman 1) with a point size ranging from 10-12. If Leitura News is not available to you, please use Garamond or Times New Roman. Please follow the formatting shown for consistency. All University letterhead must be ordered through the Office of Marketing & Communication Services or purchased at the University Bookstore.


Envelopes are also an extension of the visual brand. For this reason no other graphics may be added to the envelope. All campus departments must use official, unaltered University envelopes. All University envelopes must be ordered through the Office of Marketing & Communication Services or purchased at the University Bookstore.

Note: The example is not shown in actual size. Due to the size and postal restrictions, the full logo is not used on standard envelopes. The Office of Marketing & Communication Services reserves the right to use only the brand name when necessary.

Business Cards

Campus departments must use official, unaltered university business cards. All University business cards must be ordered through the Office of Marketing & Communication Services.

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