Stoner Health & Counseling Center
Stoner Health & Counseling Center

Counseling Services

The Stoner Health and Counseling Center provides free and confidential mental health services to all undergraduate and graduate students. The counseling center is located within the Stoner Health and Counseling Center in Campus Center 141. The counseling staff provides in person sessions and, when appropriate, teletherapy sessions.

The counseling center is available to students Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, when classes are in session. Counseling services are provided by licensed counselors and counseling interns. Students in an emergency or crisis should call 911, call the local 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 1-800-826-1306, use the Crisis Text Line by texting 4hope to 741741, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988.

How to Make an Appointment

Students seeking to engage in counseling services must email and follow the automated prompts. Call (419) 448-2898 or walk in to the Health Center and request services.

Services Offered

The counseling center offers students a variety of services including: individual counseling, group therapy, consultations, and may support students during a crisis. Students do not need diagnosable symptoms in order to utilize counseling services. A typical counseling treatment session will include a diagnostic assessment, identification of treatment goals, use of evidence-based interventions, and evaluation of progress toward treatment goals. There are no restrictions or limits to counseling sessions. The counseling staff may identify the needs of a client as outside of their scope of practice and collaborate with the client to identify resources in the Tiffin community or their home community, which will appropriately meet their needs.

The counseling staff will also provide outreach events throughout the year, addressing a variety of topics related to mental health and wellness.


All counseling services at the Stoner Health and Counseling Center are confidential and information shared during these sessions are protected by HIPAA. Confidentiality and protected information does not include the presence of imminent danger as defined by the State of Ohio. Information can be shared with the entity of the client's choice with a signed Release of Information or when required by law.

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What services are provided?

Individual Counseling: Staff members can help students explore, understand and work through problems on a one-to-one basis. Individual personal counseling can help students find alternatives, expand choices and overcome obstacles that interfere with personal development and a sense of well-being. The clarification and resolution of personal problems often facilitate a student's ability to concentrate, increase clarity regarding academic direction and career choice, and stabilize and enhance relationships.

Couples Counseling: Couples counseling can help students learn how to communicate more effectively with a partner to resolve conflicts and develop a more mutually satisfying relationship.

Group Counseling: Group counseling is an effective treatment modality for many types of interpersonal concerns. It allows students to share their concerns with others who have similar issues while receiving support from group members and counselors. Students also have the opportunity to learn about alternative ways of looking at personal problems. Lastly, they learn new ways of relating to others.

Outreach: Outreach programs are a service provided by the Counseling Center to assist in the development of Heidelberg University students. Programs focus on relevant issues that students may face on a daily basis. These issues include stress management, relaxation, eating disorders, time management, relationship building and interpersonal skills.

Consultation: We are available to consult with students, faculty, staff and parents.

Who is eligible to use the Counseling Center services?

A Heidelberg University full-time undergraduate or graduate student who is currently registered is eligible for services.

Is a spouse, partner or family eligible for services?

A spouse or partner is eligible for services if both are registered students.

How many sessions are students eligible for?

The Counseling Center offers as many sessions as needed to address the specific area of concern. Students' use of the counseling center is only limited by their enrollment at Heidelberg and the schedule of classes.

Is there a charge for the services?

No. Services for counseling are provided to registered students at no cost.

Will the student's counseling records be a part of his/her academic record?

All counseling records are confidential and are not part of the academic record.

Do some graduate schools, professional boards or regulatory agencies request counseling records?

Yes. Some graduate schools, professional board or regulatory agencies request counseling records. It is the decision of the student to acknowledge whether they have received therapy when asked. However, the counseling center can only release information with written permission.

What hours is the Counseling Center open?

Counselors are available by appointment between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, when classes are in session.

How does a student know if she/he needs counseling?

Counseling is appropriate for anyone who is troubled by a specific problem or has a general concern. Students seek out counseling for personal growth, increased self-awareness, depression, anxiety, family and interpersonal issues, as well as for acute problems or crises. Questions to ask oneself to determine if counseling is appropriate include:

  • Is this getting in the way of engaging in my daily responsibilities?
  • Have I been unable to control or manage my symptoms by myself?
  • Do others express concern for my wellbeing?

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Director of Health Center & Counseling
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Registered Nurse
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