Miles of Mental Wellness

The Stoner Health and Counseling Center is aware of the importance of maintaining one’s mental health in today’s uncertain times. In order to promote awareness of mental disorders, mental and physical wellness, and preventative measures to appropriately manage symptoms and promote wellness, Stoner Health and Counseling Center’s Associate Director of Counseling, John Sharp, will be seeking to engage in 100 miles of physical activity during the month of September. John’s trek to compile 100 miles will include videos, social media posts, and collaborative events. John will use his own experience to relate to the struggles/challenges that those who live with mental health symptoms live with and will use a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to address challenges and successes. Sharing his own thoughts, emotions, barriers, John will draw on his counseling skills as well as the expertise of others to develop and maintain mental and physical wellness. The journey will include mental and physical check-ins, including depression/anxiety screenings and basic vital statistics, in order to identify progress.

Goal: Promote awareness of mental wellness using physical activity and cognitive behavioral strategies through social media and on campus events

Who: Associate Director of Counseling John Sharp

What: John will seek to accumulate 100 miles of physical activity via his own exercise regime as well as other proposed activities.

When: September 1-30, 2020

Where: Heidelberg University Campus and Tiffin Community

How: John will engage in physical activities (ie. running, walking) while documenting his experience including thoughts and feelings as well as specific strategies to help improve and maintain mental wellness. John will share his experience through social media.

Collaboration opportunities:

Share an activity: All students, faculty, staff, and campus community members are encouraged to share ideas of how they manage their mental wellness with John. All proposed ideas and activities will be considered to be scheduled as a public, socially distanced event. Events will be approved by the Health and Counseling Center Staff.

Proposals can be emailed to John Sharp at

Share a video: Videos of students, faculty, staff, and campus members can also be submitted to John Sharp via email. Videos may be posted to  Stoner Health and Counseling Center's social media.

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Heidelberg University Campus and surrounding area
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