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Applications for Graduation

Applications for graduation are due October 14th. Applications received after the due date will incur a late fee of $25.00 in addition to the graduation fee. Cap and gown orders after January 25, will incur late fees at the company's rate. Applications are needed for those planning to graduate December, May, or August. A complete description of the commencement deadline polices is listed online and in the University Catalog.

Graduation Requirements

Students may direct questions regarding graduation requirements to their advisor/mentor.

Outstanding Fees

All bills must be paid in the Business Office by May 1 in order to participate in the commencement ceremony. If you have any questions, please contact Barb Gabel at 419-448-2183 or

Academic Regalia Policy

Purpose of Policy

The practice of wearing academic gowns, caps, and hoods in a Commencement ceremony is a tradition evolved from Medieval times that graduates from Heidelberg University share with those from institutions the world over. Although the gowns that Heidelberg students wear are uniformly black, there is some distinction in the colors of the hoods, which signify the degrees earned. Ornaments may represent academic honors, as well as social and cultural experiences gained at Heidelberg that have contributed to the student’s intellectual, personal, and professional development. The purpose of this policy is to confirm what is expected and permitted, and to clarify what is not allowed, in a Heidelberg Commencement ceremony.

Gowns, Caps, and Hoods

Bachelor's Degree Candidates:  

Candidates for bachelor’s degrees wear the appropriate black graduation gown and mortar board (cap). The hood displays the University colors of red, orange and black.  The colored velvet border of the hood signifies the academic field in which each student is to receive a degree: Bachelor of Arts–white; Bachelor of Science–gold; and Bachelor of Music–pink. Tassels are worn on the mortar board. The tassel is worn on the right side of the mortar board.  Following the conferral of the degree, the tassel is moved to the left side of the mortar board. Graduates with military service may wear their approved uniform. Members of religious orders may wear their customary habits or robes.

Master's Degree Candidates:

Candidates for master’s degrees wear the appropriate black graduation gown and mortar board (cap).  Black tassels are worn on the left side of the mortar board.   The colors on the academic hood indicate the degree to be conferred.  Master of Arts in Education–light blue; Master of Arts in Counseling–light blue; Master of Business Administration–drab; and Master of Music Education–pink.  Hoods will be awarded and placed on the graduate while on stage.

Ceremonial Ornaments, Honor Cords,  Stoles, Pins, or Insignias

The University supports the wearing of honors medals, cords, stoles, insignia, and/or pins at Commencement ceremonies by students who have earned these privileges through the achievement of academic honors, completing honors programs, as recipients of designated academic scholarship funds, academic unit or departmental honors, military service, induction into Heidelberg University-related honor societies, athletic distinction, or membership in good standing in University-recognized professional or service organizations

  • Graduates of the Honors Program wear the Heidelberg Honors medal awarded them.
  • Members of the Heidelberg Honor Society wear the gold cords awarded them.
  • Graduates who have earned Latin honors will receive a medal onstage.
  • Members of national or departmental honorary societies may wear cords or stoles, as approved.

Approved cords, stoles, insignia, and/or pins may be worn in recognition of the student’s identity, cultural heritage, and membership in student organizations. Cords, stoles, and other ceremonial ornaments must comply with University standards. Use of University marks (logo, seal) must be approved by the Associate Vice President for Academic Administration, Honors, and Faculty Support.  (See below.) Students may wear only one stole of their choice during official Commencement activities.

Things Not Allowed

Since this is a formal Commencement ceremony steeped in tradition, we will sanction ornaments that acknowledge University experiences and cultural heritage through the approval process outlined below.   We will not sanction ornaments that celebrate external interests such as professional sports teams, political affiliations, personal hobbies, or business advertising.

Approval of Honors Cords,  Stoles, Pins, or Insignia

All honors cords, stoles, pins, insignias, and use of University marks (logo, seal) must be approved by the Assoc. Vice President for Academic Administration, Honors, and Faculty Support at least 2 weeks prior to Commencement. Organizations must submit the Academic Ornament Request Form by March 22, for use at Spring Commencement. Cords, stoles, and other ceremonial ornaments must comply with University standards.


Questions concerning commencement should be directed to

For specific details, please contact the following:

  • Regalia - cap, gown, collegiate rings, invitations
    • Bookstore - 419-448-2012
  • Financial Aid - Federal law requires loan exit counseling
  • Final payments
    • Business Office - 419-448-2000

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