Student Engagement
Student Engagement

Berg Events Council (BEC)

The Berg Events Council is a fun-filled, student-run organization responsible for planning and promoting social and educational events both on and off campus.

The purpose of BEC is to build community within Heidelberg while ensuring the welfare and interest of students and incorporate the goals and policies of the university. The organization strives to connect students with the city of Tiffin, and other communities through excursions, and BEC is always open to collaborations with other campus organizations to create new events. BEC plans and promotes social and educational events both on and off campus that contribute to students having an overall positive experience during their time at Heidelberg University.

BEC relies on social media and This Week to advertise their events! 

  • Twitter: BECHeidelberg
  • Snapchat: BECHeidelberg
  • Instagram: BergBEC

Want to get involved? BEC meets Sunday nights at 9pm on Zoom. Contact President Tess Connors at for the zoom link.

BEC consists of 8 Executive positions and unlimited general members. General members are students who come to meetings when they want, contribute ideas, and participate in running events. The chairs are required to attend every meeting when possible and are responsible for the oversight of events.

Meet the 2022-2023 Berg Events Council Executive Board!

President: Madi Sharp

Vice President: Noah Kennard

Treasurer: Noah Paris

Traditions Chair: Vaiden Mallonn

Special Events Chair: Paige Leitner

Tiffin Community Liaison: Meredith Bruce

Publicity Coordinator: Cassidy Beringer


Want to Collaborate with BEC? 

Simply fill out this form and we will discuss your request at our next BEC meeting. We suggest putting your application in 4 weeks before your event.

All collaborations with BEC must:

  • be open to all Heidelberg Students
  • abide by all current COVID guidelines
  • provide an element of entertainment and education

We ask that someone from the requesting organization meet with the BEC treasurer at least once to discuss the collaboration.

If you have any questions please email or

Contact Information

Kami Pelter
Administrative Assistant

Campus Center
Tiffin, OH 44883


Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Our Team

Jacqueline Sironen
Director of Student Engagement
Campus Center 306
(419) 448-2261
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