Student Engagement
Student Engagement


Alpha Phi Tau "Aps"

Founded: 1921
Colors: Maroon and Gold
Motto: Labor Omnia Vincit "work conquers all"
Community Service: Habitat for Humanity, HIV/AIDS Awareness Banquet, Highway Cleanup

Excelsior Men's Society "EXs"

Founded: 1851
Colors: Green and Red
Motto: Ever Upward
Community Service: Animal Jam, Highway Cleanup

Nu Sigma Alpha "Heids"

Founded: 1859 
Colors: Purple and Gray
Motto: Victory Crowns the Brave
Community Service: Caring Makes Cents (for cancer patients at the Cleveland Clinic), Running for the Kids

Rho Eta Delta "Rhos"

Founded: 2007
Colors: Royal Blue and Orange
Motto: Character Connects Us All
Community Service: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hedges-Boyer Park Cleanup

Sigma Tau Nu "Sigs"

Founded: 1949
Colors: Navy Blue and Gold
Motto: Nulli Secundus "second to none"
Community Service: Elmwood Assisted Living Center, the Seneca House, Humane Society, Rock-A-Thon

Mixed Gender Society

Euglossian Society "Eugs"

Founded: 1913
Colors: Royal Purple and White
Motto: Astra Castra Numen Lumen "The stars our campground, divinity our light"
Community Service: Blood Drive, Blanket out Domestic Violence


Delta Sigma Chi "Delts"

Founded: 1962
Colors: Navy Blue and White with a touch of Gold
Motto: Dianoias Stephanos Chryseos "the crown of wisdom is golden"
Community Service: 24 hour Dance-A-Thon, Heart Walk

Kappa Psi Omega "Kappas"

Founded: 1968
Colors: Burgundy and White
Motto: Sincerity Our Truth, Individuality Our Goal
Community Service: Elmwood Nursing Home, Supporting Women's Empowerment

Philalethean Society "Phis"

Founded: 1913
Colors: Emerald Green and Gold
Motto: Do Ye Beste
Community Service: Head Start Christmas, Community Leaf Rake

Zeta Theta Psi "Zetas"

Founded: 2013
Colors: Crimson and Silver
Motto: We rise from the depths, immovable, an eternal knot of fire.
Community Service: True Beauty Day

Contact Information

Kami Pelter
Administrative Assistant

Campus Center
Tiffin, OH 44883


Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Our Team

Jacqueline Sironen
Director of Student Engagement
Campus Center 306
(419) 448-2261
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