Student Engagement
Student Engagement

On Campus Publicity & Fliers

How to Get the Word Out! There are lots of ways to tell the campus about what your organization is doing!

Four Weeks Before Your Event

Get your event on! Visit and scroll to the bottom of the list of events until you see the ‘Submit an event’ button to fill out the Event Posting Request form. Inside Heidelberg isn’t just about events though- you can post an announcement, too! From the main page, scroll to the bottom of the list of announcements and click ‘Full list.” At the top of the full list is the ‘Submit an Announcement’ form. Make sure to read the Announcement Guidelines before completing the form.

Two Weeks Before Your Event

Social media and technology are great, but sometimes nothing beats a colorful and fun flyer. Design a flyer that is eye-catching and informative, and print out enough copies to hit the key locations. Get your flyers approved at the Office of Student Engagement in Campus Center 306 before you hang! The full list of flyer posting guidelines is listed below.

Want to see your event on the screens across campus? Send a PowerPoint slide to to get your event on the campus tvs. Your PowerPoint slide must have the same content as your flyer (event title, location, time, date, sponsoring organization, and contact information).

The Week Before Your Event

Each week, the University puts out an email to all students called ‘This Week’ which contains events and news for the upcoming week. They’re pretty good about finding out everything that’s happening, but if you want to be sure your event is included (and maybe even spotlighted!), fill out the event form.

The Day Before or Of Your Event

Does your organization follow @BECHeidelberg or @HeidelbergU on Twitter? They’ll follow you back and sometimes they’ll even re-tweet your event tweets!

Pro Tip! All of the communication channels listed above are great ways to get the word out about your events, and that’s what everyone else is doing, too. So if you’re looking for something to do on a random Tuesday afternoon, make sure to check the Inside calendar, or check your inbox for yesterday’s This Week- there’s lots to do on campus!

Rules for Hanging Signs, Fliers and Banners

  1. Only members of recognized student organizations and departments of the Heidelberg University community are allowed to post fliers and hang signs on the designated bulletin boards and stair wells inside campus buildings.
  2. All posters, fliers, signs and other notices must clearly state the name(s) of the sponsoring organization(s), date, time, venue, contact information and if they are open and free to both the Heidelberg and Tiffin communities.
  3. Fliers and signs must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement before they are posted.
  4. Fliers must not exceed 11 inches by 17 inches, and they may be push-pinned, thumb-tacked or stapled to bulletin boards.
  5. Banners must not exceed 4 feet by 8 feet in size.
  6. Please be considerate, and observe the limit of one poster or flier per bulletin board.
  7. Fliers not stamped (i.e. approved) will be removed without warning. Please note that stamping a flier is for posting purposes only and does not in any way reflect approval of content.
  8. All fliers, signs and banners may be stamped during the normal office hours of 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  9. Recognized student groups are responsible for removing their fliers, signs and banners within 24 hours after the event. Fliers, signs and banners that are not removed will be discarded.
  10. Do not post fliers, signs or banners on walls, door, windows, tree, lampposts, sidewalks, University signage or traffic and street signs. Fliers, signs or banners found in these locations will be removed immediately.
  11. Community-based fliers can only be posted on the designated Community Bulletin Boards located by the mailboxes on the lower level of Campus Center.

Looking for Siggy?

Siggy the Student Prince is Heidelberg’s mascot! He can be seen around campus at athletic events and campus programs. Organizations and teams interested in having Siggy at an event need to email two weeks in advance of the event to make a formal request.

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