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Report University Related Conduct Violations/Incidents

Students, Faculty, and Staff:

To report University conduct violation's and incidents occurring either on or off campus, log in to MyConduct @ Heidelberg University.

Username — Bergguest (case sensitive)
Password — Bergguest (case sensitive)

After logging in, follow the prompts to fill out the incident report, and submit it to be reviewed by campus administrators.

Things to remember:

  • Fill out the form as soon as the incident is over.
  • Write factual statements - leave out opinions unless backed by fact.
  • Correctly spell all names of person(s) involved.
  • Make sure all addresses and phone numbers are correct.
  • Write in complete sentences and spell all words correctly.
  • Try not to use too many "he/she" or their plurals - use names.

Independent Arrangement Policy Academic departments may offer a course via independent arrangement. To consider approval for an independent arrangement, the course must be required within the student’s degree program; the student must have no more than 60 semester hours remaining in their degree program; and, the student is unable to take the course through no fault of the student, e.g. the course is not scheduled at a time the student can take it, and there are no course substitutions available to the student. Students with time conflicts between courses will complete a Time Conflict contract.

An independent arrangement must be agreeable to the faculty member offering the course, the student, department chair, associate dean, and provost when applicable. Completed forms will be returned to the Office of the Registrar.

This MAP is a guide for students preparing for course selections. This is a suggested schedule. Actual course selections should be made with the advice of your advising specialist or faculty advisor. For course descriptions, pre-requisites, and rotations (e.g., fall or spring only classes, classes taught in alternate years), consult the Heidelberg University Undergraduate Catalog

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