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Heidelberg's student newspaper, The Kilikilik, also known as “The Kil,” has been informing the campus community since 1894. The unusual name of the paper stems from an official college cheer published the year before the Kil printed its first issue: “Killi-kilick! Rah! Rah! …” However, a more popular explanation for the name is that “Kilikilik” is the sound trains make against the tracks as they pass through Tiffin.

Students interested in working on the Kil and/or who have questions about MED 216 may contact Julie O'Reilly, Kilikilik advisor.

You can contact the Kil office at x2317.

The Rock Creek Review is an undergraduate academic journal edited, produced and published by students at Heidelberg University in partnership with the English Department. This journal will solicit literary research from schools around the world for an annual publication every Spring.