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Heidelberg students who have returned to Heidelberg University after 5 years from a past attendance are eligible for the Academic Fresh Start policy, when applicable. Read the full policy in the Academic Catalog.

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Are you interested in leading a group of students to volunteer during a Fall, Winter, or Spring break? Student leaders have the ability to choose a service site and advisor of their choice for their preferred Alternative Break. Through this experience, student leaders will develop their understanding of service learning, program planning and implementation, leadership skills, written and spoken communication, time management skills, and research abilities. In return, Student leaders will have a discount (75% for domestic trips and 50% for trips that require airfare) on the cost of the trip for their efforts to coordinate the trip.

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This manual is an attempt to inform the athletic training students (ATS) of policies and procedures of the Heidelberg University Athletic Training Department which houses the CAATE accredited ATEP. Its intent is to guide the student through the education program, ensure efficient operation of the athletic training room and optimal care of the student-athlete on the field.

To do this, each athletic training student must become thoroughly familiar with routine policies and procedures. If you feel that a particular policy or procedure is unclear, please direct your questions to the ATEP Director. Policies and procedures can/may be adapted, but not ignored.